Study First and Pay Later With SEGi’s Zero First 6 Payment Plan

Financial constraints shouldn’t stand in the way of education. Study first and pay later with SEGi’s new payment campaign.

Published 21 Aug 2020

Study First and Pay Later With SEGi University - Feature-Image

With the current economic climate, you may be experiencing financial constraints that’s holding you back from pursuing your tertiary education.

If so, we have some great news for you!

SEGi University is introducing a new payment system that allows students to defer their payment in the first 6 months. The Zero First 6 campaign is a new initiative to help those who are financially affected.

Interested to know more? Read on below.

How does it work?

The campaign is an option that’s open to all new local students who register between the period of 25 March to 31 December 2020, regardless of their household income. It covers all programmes including certificate, foundation, diploma, degree and postgraduate.

The campaign allows you to defer your first 6 months instalment fee payment. This includes payment for tuition fee, facilities, security deposit and any self-funded portion. The deferred payment period starts on the intake date so you will need to start paying on the 7th month from that date.

How to apply

Need more clarification and require some help with the application process? Register and hit them up here. Alternatively, leave your details below and our friendly education advisors will be in touch!

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