So Relatable: You've Definitely Received These Text Messages as a College Student

Can you relate to these text messages students send each other in college? Check them out to find out.

Published 24 Jun 2019

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Life as a college student will have you feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. From feeling bored while enduring long lectures to feeling anxious when your group assignment member isn’t pulling their weight, sometimes these emotions can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can always count on technology and express your feelings via good ol’ WhatsApp or text messages.

You'll definitely relate to these text messages students send in college, as you've either sent them yourself or you've been the receiver. One, two, let's get relatable!

#1. The “Where are you?” texts

Relatable Text Message-Where Are You Text

You’ve either been the person who sent a never-ending series of texts asking your invisible groupmate where they are, or you’ve been the guilty party who received a barrage of texts asking “Where are you???” when you don’t show up somewhere.

But this response isn’t just used during group assignment meet-ups. You may also get this message from your best bud who’s asking you why you aren’t in class yet, or why you’re not at the party you said you’ll go to.

#2. The “Have you finished your assignment?” text

Relatable Text Message-Assignment Text

Ah, this is one of the worst texts to receive when you’re busy because it’s often followed by a request for you to help with an assignment. It’s fine when you get this message from your good friends who just want to know how the general outline of an assignment looks like, but it gets pretty annoying when an acquaintance you don’t particularly care for is the one who’s requesting the favour.

You have the right to play dumb and reply in a faux-friendly tone that you’re not sure how to do it — because no one needs to see your hard work and “accidentally” copy your whole assignment.

#3. Blue-ticked messages

Relatable Text Message-Blue-ticked

Do you just hate it when the messages you send to someone gets “blue-ticked” (meaning they’ve been seen or read) but you fail to receive a response? This is probably the most infuriating thing to experience in the world of text messaging. You just want a reply, for heaven’s sake!

Those guilty of never replying are definitely classmates intent on ignoring your sensible requests, or your crush who decided it was best not to send a reply in order not to hurt you. Ouch.

#4. The lunch group chat

Relatable Text Message-Lunch Group Text

Oh boy, who knew deciding what to have for lunch could be so chaotic and frustrating? The main characters in every lunch group chat will vary, but will ultimately have these players.

The foodie will blast a few restaurant options and suggest what to have there, while the starving friend who just wants to eat will agree to every option brought forward. The rest are the most annoying ones who refuse to give any input and will just say "Up to you" or "Anything can", but then reject every suggestion presented in the chat group. Like, just make up your mind!

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#5. The “Tomorrow got class ah?” text

Relatable Text Message-Tomorrow Got Class Text

You may be lulled into thinking that you and your best friend in class are on the same page on pretty much everything, but you'll be surprised to know how much you don't know about them.

For instance, they might not pay attention in class despite looking like they do. This leads to them texting you frantically "Tomorrow got class ah?". You roll your eyes when this happens, but roll your eyes even harder when a coursemate you barely speak to randomly texts you the same thing. Pay attention in class, people!

#6. The sticker / GIF / funny video spam

Relatable Text Message-Stickers and GIFs

It's a clear sign of your friendship level when half of your texts are an endless scroll of silly stickers, GIFs and funny videos that make you giggle.

Your phone gallery is filled to the brim with memes and you've saved all the links to LOL-worthy videos. Heck, even real-life conversations mirror the silly stuff you send via text, and you and your friends end up roaring in laughter all the time.

#7. The “I’m gonna dieeeee” texts

Relatable Text Message-I Am Dying Text

Usually said in jest after logging exhausting hours of studying, these texts are often just a reflection of how frustrated and tired you or your friend are.

At the end of a bad week in class, it's the perfect phrase to capture how done you are with classes. Of course, it’s healthier to just do away with these texts and express yourself with “I’m so tireddd” or better yet, use the sleeping emoji.

We bet you laughed and groaned while scrolling through our list of relatable text messages. College life is a bundle of varying emotions and experiences, so if texting (in moderation) helps you get through tough times and makes life better, text away!

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