Sit Back and Enjoy These 18 Movie Franchises That Will Take You Out of This World

Expand your movie knowledge and check out these 18 awesome movie franchises that will take you out of this world. Can you finish them all?

Updated 24 Jun 2020

18 Must-Binge Movie Franchises for Your Viewing Pleasure - Feature-Image

For over 10 years now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the template for what a successful movie franchise looks like. With 23 films under the Marvel Studios belt (and more to come), the studio has proven that there is a market for interconnected films.

However, it’s not the only film franchise out there, nor is it the first. If you’re bored at home with nothing to do, check out this list of film franchises that you can watch.

Movie Franchises You Can Binge-Infographic01Movie Franchises You Can Binge-Infographic02Movie Franchises You Can Binge-Infographic03

(Illustration by Leong Shu Man)

Whether you’re a sci-fi geek or a fantasy fanatic, there’s a movie franchise to cater to all your needs. Grab your popcorn and soda and buckle up for an adventure with these amazing blockbusters.

Watching movies is not your thing? Check out what other things you can do at home.

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