5 Reasons You Should Say “Yes” to a Business Degree

A Business Degree is highly versatile and can prepare students to work in a variety of fields and specialisations. Find out what are some of the advantages of pursuing it here.

Updated 15 Jan 2018

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Want a degree that is in-demand by employers and has the potential to open you up to career opportunities in various fields and countries?

Perhaps a Business Degree might be up your alley!

A Business Degree will offer you career flexibility as it is designed to give you a broad knowledge of how businesses work and the functional areas of running a business, from managing a company’s daily affairs to planning future expansions.

So, it’s no surprise that TalentCorp’s Critical Occupation List (COL) 2016/2017 highlights the rising demand for business graduates.

But what exactly are the advantages of a Business Degree? Let’s find out.

#1. Get a blend of both broad and in-depth knowledge

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes to a Business Degree - 1 Get a blend of both broad and in-depth knowledge

You’ve probably heard the age-old myth that “a Business Degree is too general” (yes folks, it’s a myth!).

While you may begin your first year with general subjects such as Principles of Accounting, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and Marketing Principles, there are many subfields under Business that you can specialise in as you progress. This includes FinanceAccounting, Economics and even Entrepreneurship. In fact, most universities require you to choose a specialisation or major, providing you with in-depth knowledge in your chosen field.

This allows you to gain a holistic overview of business while having specialist knowledge in your chosen field of specialisation.


Keen on studying business? HELP Academy is offering affordable 3+0 Business Degrees in partnership with the University of Derby, with specialisations in Accounting, Finance, International Business and Business Management. This means that you can get a degree from the United Kingdom (UK) on home ground!

#2. Be a Swiss Army knife of skills

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes to a Business Degree - 2 Be a Swiss Army knife of skills

When it comes to employability, a Business Degree can give you an edge over other graduates due to the array of skills and knowledge that you will pick up over the course of your degree.

Your business specialisation will give you sound technical knowledge in your chosen field (think Investment Analysis, Financial Markets and Risk Management in a Finance Degree), while the supplementary knowledge that you gain from studying other areas of Business (e.g. Business Law, Communication) will give you a good understanding of other parts of running a business.

Additionally, the coursework in Business Degrees can be exceedingly practical. You could be tasked to start a business, which will involve creating a business plan, coming up with a budget and devising marketing strategies. These are certain to come in handy in your future job.

So, whether you become a financial planner, marketing executive or research analyst, a Business Degree equips you with diverse skills and enables you to work in a variety of fields and roles. And if you are inclined to start your own business, you may be interested to know that 27% of the top 100 billionaires in the world have a business-related degree!

#3. Boost your CV with in-built professional qualifications

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes to a Business Degree - 3 Boost your CV with in-built professional qualifications 2

Did you know that some business programmes are partnered with professional bodies so that you can get a professional certificate when you graduate? And this is on top of your undergraduate degree!

Depending on your institution and their partnerships, some Business Degrees may include built-in accreditations, such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) from the UK, a professional body for management.

Such accreditations can boost your opportunities, including being able to earn more upon graduating and having wider job prospects as they may be highly valued by employers.


Completing either University of Derby’s International Business or Business Management will grant you with an additional professional certificate — Advanced Diploma in Management and Leadership — from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

#4. Get access to career opportunities locally and abroad

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes to a Business Degree - 4 Get access to career opportunities locally and abroad

A widely recognised business qualification can open the door for you to work anywhere in Malaysia and abroad as well.

Depending on your institution and awarding body of your qualification, your Business Degree may be recognised both in Malaysia and overseas, facilitating your career progression as some employers may prefer graduates from certain institutions. For example, universities in the UK have consistently performed well in the world rankings, making it a coveted degree.

This may be largely thanks to the skills your degree will equip you with, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. All of this can make you an asset to employers and help you hit the ground running upon entering the workforce.


The University of Derby is ranked 12th in the UK and 9th in England for student employability, with 96% of students employed or furthering their studies.

#5. A Business Degree is competitively priced

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes to a Business Degree - 5 A Business Degree is competitively priced

Tertiary education can be expensive, but a Business Degree can be reasonably priced compared to other fields of study, such as Medicine that can cost up to a whopping RM500,000 for the entire degree (not that this should be your only consideration when deciding what to study).

What’s more, there are a large number of institutions offering Business programmes, with numerous options for you to pursue a 3+0 programme where you’ll be able to graduate with an overseas degree while enjoying your nasi lemak and late-night mamak sessions.

Depending on the institution and duration of study, your Business Degree could be as low as RM40,000 for a local degree, while some UK-based programmes in Malaysia can cost up to RM100,000, giving you the flexibility to choose a university based on your budget. Not only that, some universities also offer dual award programmes, giving you the best of both worlds.


With HELP Academy, it will only cost you RM80,000 to obtain a University of Derby Degree from SPM onwards — yes, that’s 4 years for a UK Degree at RM80,000. To put the cherry on top, it also includes a 10-day trip to Derby, UK, where you’ll get a chance to network with influential entrepreneurs and visit Derby’s industry partners such as Rolls Royce.

A Business Degree is a great way to fast-track your career and gain valuable, transferable skills in any given specialisation.

This degree can also equip you with a breadth of knowledge and skills that will prove to be invaluable as you enter the workforce. So if you’re passionate about pursuing a Business Degree, don’t be afraid to go for it! It’ll prove to be a rewarding field.

Looking to study Business? HELP Academy's University of Derby 3+0 programme might be right for you!

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