4 Ways Studying Business Will Crush Your Soul

Did someone say “useless degree”? We’ll tell you why this course is anything but that! Read more here.

Updated 17 May 2022

4 Ways Studying Business Will Crush Your Soul - Feature-Image

You’ve probably heard that business is an easy course, to the point of it being a useless degree.

So why should you pursue this degree if it serves no purpose?

Believe it or not, a business degree is more than its plain sailing stereotypes. We’ll tell you why this course is a lot more difficult that it seems and how it has the potential to challenge you.

#1. The ambiguity will have you racking your brains

Studying Business-Will have you racking your brains

Brace yourself — you’ll find some of your business subjects to be rather subjective as there are plenty of ways to tackle a particular problem or question. For instance, is protectionism good or bad; or, what is a business model? Writing long essays to answer these questions coherently is no mean feat, not to mention the expectation to detail a rational thought process.

Nonetheless… you will develop potent critical thinking skills. 

While it may be challenging for you at the start, you’ll find that analysing all those issues and case studies will help to sharpen your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills will no doubt become valuable to you, especially in your future career.

#2. You’ll need to overcome the fear of speaking in public

Studying Business-Public speaking

If you think studying business is just about writing assignments and passing exams, you’re in for a real shock. Most business programmes will have a practical element, such as conceptualising, marketing and selling a product. In a business degree, learning how to present well and pitch your ideas in front of an audience is par for the course — a frightening endeavour if you’re not an outspoken person.

Nonetheless… this will improve your public speaking and presentation skills.

Sure, presenting in front of a large crowd — or even approaching random people on the street to conduct a product survey — can be scary. But after doing it countless times as part of your studies, it will start to become second nature to you. By the end of your programme, you’ll find yourself to be able to present easily and effectively.

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#3. Having to constantly work with difficult people will drive you crazy

Studying Business-Work with difficult people

Whether it’s getting together during class to analyse a case study or going to a company to solve a real-world business problem, group assignments are aplenty in a business programme. And if you’re like most students, group work is the bane of your existence as you’ll need to deal with no-shows, slackers and a variety of difficult personalities.

Nonetheless… this will improve your teamwork skills.

The silver lining to constantly dealing with the creative antics of your group mates is that once you’re in the workforce, handling crazy colleagues will be a piece of cake. You’ll find yourself equipped with the skills to collaborate effectively and deal with confrontation. Or at the very least, you won’t be as emotionally affected when you come across a difficult person.

#4. You’ll always have to be one step ahead of the game

Studying Business-Be one step ahead

With business, you can’t afford to sit on your hands. If you want to score a perfect CGPA, you’ll need to go the extra mile by keeping yourself informed with current affairs and trends as your exam questions may feature issues that are happening today. Imagine having to do this while juggling coursework and studying for exams. Who says business is easy?

Nonetheless… this will strengthen your perseverance to be better.

All that extra effort will not be for nothing. From prioritising your work and time management to building a solid bank of general knowledge, the training that you have in a business degree will allow you to thrive in any situation — a skill that will be useful beyond the academic doors of a university.

Pursuing your studies in business may be challenging but it will also be outrageously fulfilling. Always remember that the path to success is never a straight line. All the best!

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