Done With SPM? Here Are 10 Side Hustles You Can Do During Your SPM Break (Part 2)

If you have recently completed SPM and are looking for part-time jobs to fill your time, don’t fret. Here are 10 side hustles you can do while waiting for your results!

Updated 17 Dec 2019

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With SPM out of the way, it’s probably no surprise that many of you may be indulging in mind-numbing activities, such as playing computer games or relishing in mamak sessions with your friends until your SPM results are announced.

Conversely, if you’re ready to earn some moolah, boost your curriculum vitae (CV) and engage in some character-building activities, getting a part-time job might be your best bet yet!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves instead of lepaking for months at home, here are 10 part-time jobs you can try during your SPM break.

#1. Promoter / sales assistant

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 1 Promoter Sales Assistant

Most businesses who organise roadshows or events are usually on the lookout for part-time promoters (think of the food promoters you find in a hypermarket or malls, or during major events such as the Big Bad Wolf sale).

While the job may require you to be on your feet during most of the day, the pay is generally handsome for a few days worth of work! You will likely need to have some product knowledge, hand out flyers to potential customers and speak to passersby and encourage them to visit your booth or sample your product.

This side hustle can equip you with a variety of skills, including how to engage and interact with different people, which is a vital skill in university and the workforce!

#2. Administrative staff

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 2 Admistrative staff

The role of an administrative staff can seem mundane, but it’s a great way to observe and learn how things work in an office.

Some of your tasks may include filing and sorting office documents, redirecting incoming phone calls to the right people and coordinating deliveries of mails and parcels.

You’ll also pick up numerous skills, including how to handle phone calls and respond to emails professionally, how to communicate with people of all levels in an organisation and hone your time management skills — all which will benefit you when you enter the workforce later.

#3. Be a GoGetter

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 3 Be a GoGetter

If a 9-5 part-time gig isn’t for you, why not be a GoGetter with GoGet, Malaysia’s on-demand errands and delivery service provider?

A GoGetter is someone who runs errands or makes deliveries on behalf of someone else. Think of it as being a personal runner and choosing what you want to do at a time that fits your schedule. So if you can’t function before 11am, you can also choose to work after office hours if it suits you!

Some of the errands you can do include picking up items (e.g. groceries, laundry, etc.) and making deliveries (e.g. takeaways, sending documents, etc.). Plus, the requirements to be a GoGetter is fairly straightforward — all you need is to be fluent in English, own a smartphone with data connection, have an online bank account and be 18 and above. You can still be a GoGetter without a driver’s license or owning a car!

One of the perks of being a GoGetter is that you get to keep 100% of the tips you receive from job posters. This means that the more jobs you do, the more you earn!

#4. Barista

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 4 Barista

The cafe trend is looking like it’s here to stay, so why not become a barista and learn how to make a perfect cup of joe?

There’s more to grinding beans and pouring boiling water over coffee powder — the art of coffee-making is more intricate than you think! You can learn how to choose the right beans, correctly measure the ratio of coffee, steamed milk and milk froth, make cool Instagrammable-latte art and so much more!

Being a barista requires a lot of patience, finesse and perseverance, but if you love the smell of coffee and making people’s day with a perfect cup of joe, then this could be the perfect part-time gig for you.

#5. Social media manager

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 5 Social media manager

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to reach a broader pool of people on their social media channels and to improve the engagement (e.g. likes, shares, clicks, etc.) on these platforms.

One way of doing this is by creating witty captions and sourcing (or creating!) striking images and videos, in addition to having an eye for spotting trends to boost the social media presence of a company.

So if you love social media, have a good command of a particular language and are a creative soul, then you may want to look for opportunities to manage a company’s social media accounts! You can expect to churn out several posts for your client per day as well as answering questions promptly on their social media channels.

Talk about being in your element and getting paid to be on social media all the time.

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#6. Call centre representative

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 6 Call centre representative

Are you someone who has excellent communication skills, is outgoing, friendly, organised and pays attention to details? If you’ve answered “yes”, then you may be suited to be a call centre representative.

Not all call centre jobs are the same — calls can range from serving customers to selling products or services, so you can expect to speak to different types of people in a fast-paced environment.

You can also hone your multitasking skills as some data entry might be required for the job.

#7. Part-time recruitment agency staff

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 7 Part itme recruitment agency staff

If you have always wanted a career in a human resources department, then taking a part-time job in a recruitment agency may be the perfect fit for you!

Apart from assisting with the day to day operations, you can also learn about what the hiring process entails by offering support to your seniors and observing how things work in the field.

Who knows, you might find your calling through your part-time job and decide that recruitment is for you.

#8. Cinema staff

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 8 Cinema staff

Imagine being engulfed in the sweet aroma of freshly popped popcorn and being an arm’s length away from the concession stand — that’s what you get when you work with your local cinema, where they are always on the lookout for people to front customers at the ticketing and concession stands.

Working at a cinema will allow you to pick up on a plethora of skills. This includes your communications skills, as you will be working on the front-end and interacting with customers. You will also need to be friendly and outgoing in your exchanges with customers, and learn to be patient regardless of how kind or rude a customer is.

Talk about character building!

#9. Teaching assistant

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 9 Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant jobs vary, depending on where you work.

If you are working at a tuition centre or kindergarten, your job may predominantly consist of marking papers, making copies of tests or quizzes or preparing materials for the next class. You may also be required to assist the teacher in delivering the curriculum to students.

Becoming a teaching assistant is also a great platform for you to learn the ropes of the field, especially if you’re interested in pursuing a degree or career in education or early childhood education.

#10. Pet sitter

Part-time jobs for students after SPM - 10 Pet sitter

If you prefer the company of four-legged furry friends over people, then securing a job as a pet sitter may be for you.

Be it walking dogs, leaving food for cats or just a general check up on pets when your neighbours are away on vacation, pet sitting is an easy-peasy job. Depending on your tasks, pet sitting won’t take much of your day — for example, it doesn’t take more than an hour to walk or bathe a dog.

At first, it may be hard to establish a database of clients who will trust you with their beloved pets or even a key to their house, but if you leave a great impression, news of your reputation will spread!

Being a bored teenager can be trying, but getting a part-time job during your SPM break will not only help you make good use of your free time, but it’ll help you mature and grow as a person. You’ll also gain some first-hand experience of what the working world is like, which is an invaluable experience!

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