From Zero to Programming Hero: 10 Websites and Apps That Help You Learn to Code

Take a look at the top 10 websites (and a few apps!) that will help you turn from zero to coding hero very soon.

Updated 25 May 2022

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So, you want to learn to code. But with so many coding platforms, it’s hard to decide which one to go for. Instead of trying out every site that pops up on your Google search results, why not read this article instead?

Take a look at the top 10 websites (and a few apps!) that will help you turn from programming newbie to coding hero.

#1. freeCodeCamp

Online Coding Lesson-freeCodeCamp

For absolutely nothing at all, freeCodeCamp's coding bootcamp teaches you the basics through an established curriculum. Each certification will take you about 300 hours, but you'll learn plenty to emerge a talented programmer in the end.

Think basic HTML and HTML5 as the building blocks in the Responsive Web Design Certification, which will then lead to basic CSS, Visual Design and more. For more of a challenge, you can even work on projects for non-profits and see how your work translates to real-life situations.

#2. codecademy

Online Coding Lesson-codecademy

With a modern, inviting design, it's hard not to feel drawn to coding with codecademy.

The popular academy enjoys its success for a reason — it's simple, yet powerful. You're taught how to code via interactive learning. Read a snippet of what the coding language is about, type your code right into the browser and voilà, you see the results of your code immediately. This makes it perfect for you if you're dipping your toes into coding waters for the first time.


Online Coding Lesson-Codeorg

23,995,134,843 lines of code — and counting. 

That's's impressive stats, and you can join millions of students today when you learn how to code at this non-profit organisation. What separates from the other programming portals is the ability to just code for fun instead of dedicating yourself to a full-length course.

Write your own game, design an app or crack encrypted messages  during their Hour of Code tutorial that lets you do all any of these in just 60 minutes. So if you don’t have time to take a full length coding course, this is perfect as you get to play with code and develop something in a short period of time.

#4. Udemy

Online Coding Lesson-Udemy

For the more serious programmer looking to add to their skillset whether for school or work, Udemy's for you. An extensive collection of courses await you, including Python, Java, C#, Node.Js, PHP and many, many more.

While most courses are paid, the money's worth it as you get to learn at your own pace and glean knowledge from top global instructors. Prices can be a little steep for some courses , but slashes to course fees can go to a low RM50 during sales.

#5. Khan Academy

Online Coding Lesson-Khan Academy

You've definitely heard of Khan Academy, so if you haven't decided to start a programming course on this learning portal, it's time to do so. Start from the basics with an Introduction to JS: Drawing & Animation, where you'll learn the rundown of programming and move on to variables, interactive programs and writing clean code.

For those looking to create their own webpage without having to resort to restrictive website templates, the Introduction to HTML will teach you all you need about CSS, web development tools and more.

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#6. Coursera

Online Coding Lesson-Coursera

Need a more qualified helping hand with your coding? Learn from real university professors at Coursera.

While the legitimacy boosts Coursera's brand, the fact that some of the courses are free is the icing on top. Other courses require payment but with it, you also get a digital 'Coursera Verified Certificate' to prove that you completed the course. Think of it as a small price to pay for the serious upskill you're going to receive in your coding and programming abilities.

#7. Udacity

Online Coding Lesson-UdacityFocusing more on data science, artificial intelligence, programming, autonomous systems and business, Udacity takes its programming seriously.

You'll get your hands dirty with real-world projects from industry experts, so everything you learn won't just be theoretical. The blessed feature of having 1-on-1 video sessions with a knowledgeable mentor will also inject a real class feel to your online lessons. Plus, it's only at Udacity that you can take on a course on self-driving cars.!

#8. SoloLearn

Online Coding Lesson-SoloLearn

More of an on-the-go learner? SoloLearn helps you learn how to code on your smartphone so you can code on the train or while waiting in line. It's also got a handy web counterpart, so don't fear if your phone's out of juice.

Start with the C++ tutorial, where you'll cover the basics of data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements and others. Once you've accomplished that, try out the Python 3 tutorial and practice writing Python code, all on your phone.

#9. Programming Hub

Online Coding Lesson-Programming Hub

So you feel a little intimidated by the long, serious courses mentioned above. You just want some coding basics, not a full-length class that seemingly goes on and on!

Try out Programming Hub, an app-only coding programme that gives you bite-sized coding tutorials which teach you the essentials. The interactive and fun layout means you'll learn HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Swift, Python, CSS and more for free, with the intensive but immersive and fun lessons right at your fingertips.

#10. Coding Planets

Online Coding Lesson-Coding Planets

An even more fun way to learn how to code when you need a break from online courses! This time, it's through a beautiful puzzle game.

In Coding Planets, you instruct a robot to solve puzzles through code. You'll run through the very basics of coding and the functions of coding, all with lovely intergalactic images of planets and solar systems illustrating your coding lessons.

Now that you’ve got an inkling of what’s in store for you out there in the world of programming, we’re sure you’ve decided which learning platform to study from. Take your coding skills to infinity and beyond!

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