Expectations vs. Reality of Online Classes

Online learning may be cool but it may not work out the way it should. Here are some hilarious realities of online classes.

Published 29 Jul 2020

Expectations vs Reality of Online Classes - Feature-Image

When it comes to online classes, you’re probably expecting things to go smoothly just like your physical classes. However, as Thanos says, “Reality is often disappointing.” 

Here are some hilarious ways how the reality of online classes clashes with expectations. Get ready, because you’ve probably encountered some of them yourself!

#1. When you need to find a place with good internet connection

Online learning-good internet connection

Internet connectivity, the life of an online session with your friends and teachers. You think that you’d just sit down at your table to join the online session without any pain, till you start to hear just very choppy noises.

The awkwardness starts when you’re required to hold up your phone searching for a signal and walk around with your camera capturing every part of your house. Only at that certain gotcha! spot does your connection become stable, but you’re probably propping yourself up in an uncomfortable position for the rest of the session.

What a way to kill two birds with one stone — exercising while attending class.

#2. When Zoom calls don't live up to your expectations

Online learning-serious lag on Zoom

By now, you’re probably no stranger to having your classes on Zoom. After all, it’s a great way for teachers to impart their knowledge and communicate with practically everyone — online.

All is well until your teacher suddenly stops talking and you’re left staring at a frozen screen. You start waving your hands at the screen and realise that you have been cut off for the past 5 minutes! 

Seriously, if only we could have movie hacker internet speed 24/7, then maybe you’ll be able to. 

#3. When you need to deal with some serious lag on Kahoot

Online learning-serious lag on Kahoot

You’re probably no stranger to online quizzes. Teachers love whipping these out as part of online classes to spruce up the lesson and test your knowledge. Plus, who doesn’t love using frivolous aliases on Kahoot and seeing their name soar to the top of the leaderboard? 

All is well until you hear the Kahoot music change, signalling the answer screen is on while all you see is a frozen wait screen. “Teacher, the next page won’t load lah!” you shout out. 

The truth is, not everyone is going to have uninterrupted internet connection during an online lesson, resulting in some people moving on to the next question while others are stuck waiting for the question to load. This means the scores aren’t entirely accurate. And while these won’t count in your grades, it’s still pretty unfair (ugh!).

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#4. When you become too comfortable with online sessions

Online learning-comfortable with online sessions-2-01

It’s easy to get distracted while attending online classes. You’re probably scrolling through your social media feed or having private conversations with your classmates while your teacher drones on and on.

Everything is in order when suddenly, your teacher asks the class a question and everyone stays silent. Your poor teacher is almost begging for someone to turn on their microphone to speak, but like you, most of your classmates were likely engrossed with other activities too. Oops!

#5. When you are trapped by the illusion of having no deadlines

Online learning-illusion of having no deadlines

In theory, online classes means more flexibility in your schedule. Sure, getting your teacher to hold classes at a time where everyone is comfortable is no issue. But getting all your assignments completed on time is another thing altogether, given the variety of distractions.

We all know that self-discipline is key, but it’s so hard to resist the comfort of your couch. 

#6. When you’re told to “dress formally” for an online session

Online learning-“dress formally” for an online session-2-01

Don’t you just love online meetings? Getting to chill and listen to your teacher talk while you jot down some notes and work on some exercises.

Suddenly, the teacher pulls out an online activity out of nowhere, requiring you to turn on your camera! Boy, oh boy… you’re still in pyjamas and your hair looks like a bird’s nest — but you turn on the camera anyway.  

Luckily, your teacher doesn’t seem to all be that surprised!

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