6 Courses for People Who Hate Math

Gone are your days of banging on your calculator out of frustration because you can’t get the answers to your math questions.  Check out these courses that won’t require you to study math!

Updated 21 May 2019

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Ever since kindergarten all the way till the end of secondary school, you have been stuck with mathematics as a core subject in the curriculum. If you love math, then lucky for you. But if you don’t, there’s no way out — well, at least not until you suffer through more than a decade of torturous math classes.

Thankfully, gone are your days of banging on your calculator out of frustration because you can’t get the answers to your math questions. The good news about college and university for math-loathers is that you get to kiss math goodbye!

Ready to bid farewell to math? Check out these courses you can pursue, which won’t require you to study the dreaded subject.

#1. Education

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-Education

A bachelor’s degree in teaching or education will equip you with the skills needed for a rewarding teaching career, where you’ll learn everything from how to communicate with students to conducting lesson plans. There’s no math required — unless you become a math teacher.

Courses such as early childhood education and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) do not require you to study math, so sticking to these will keep you in the safe zone.

Be it teaching children or young adults, the satisfaction you gain from teaching is ineffable. As long as you’re not stuck with tutoring subjects that you loathe, an Education Degree is a good choice.

#2. English

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-English

An English Degree focuses on the use, analysis and production of texts — no math involved (yay)!

It aims to get students to think creatively and analytically about the English language on a deeper level, so it is more suitable for students who are already proficient in written and spoken English. Thus, you are also expected to develop your understanding by reading assigned books and journals.

Studying an English Degree will enable you to gain knowledge about a wide variety of subjects such as the history of the English language, literature, bilingualism and linguistics. Who knows? If you’re a literature lover, you might be the next Shakespeare.

#3. Mass Communication

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-Mass Comm

Mass communication relates to information delivered to as many people as possible at virtually the same time. It involves various types of information — news, entertainment, knowledge, advice — being relayed via newspapers, magazines, television, radio, advertisements and online channels.

The main fields usually covered in a Mass Communication Degree are advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations. Generally, mass communication students have the opportunity to be exposed to multiple fields during the first year of their degree, before choosing a major to specialise in.

You won’t need math skills but you will need these key qualities to do well in a Mass Communication Degree:

  • A strong command of the English language
  • Ability to work crazy hours if needed
  • Ability to adapt to ever-changing technology

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#4. Law

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-Law

A degree that has close to zero calculations, studying law could be ideal for you!

If you decide to pursue a Degree in Law, you’re in for a lot of learning and will be required to analyse case studies and law codes of conduct. Among the things you will learn in your first year include Contract Law and Criminal Law and Legal System. In your following 2 years, you will be able to choose elective subjects depending on your interests. For example, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Law of Succession and Law of Evidence.

Although studying law does not require math, you’ll need these crucial skills to become a seasoned lawyer:

  • Good command of the English language and able to communicate effectively
  • Ability to research information and summarise key points
  • Critical-thinking skills

#5. Music

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-Music

If you’re a music lover who is self-disciplined and can take criticism well, then studying music might just be for you.

The study of music is as diverse as the genres of music that exist throughout the world. Studying a Degree in Music in Malaysia or a Degree in Classical Music will teach you the various aspects of music including its history, music theory and composition. These courses will prepare you for a career as a professional musician.

If you have dreams to record your own album or to become a music producer, you can also study a Bachelor of Contemporary Music or a Diploma in Sound and Music Technology. These programmes will equip you with cutting-edge skills and hands-on experience that will allow you to thrive in the music industry.

#6. Culinary Arts

6 Courses for People Who Hate Math-Culinary Arts

Always imagined yourself cooking like Gordon Ramsay? Are you always flipping through cooking channels on the television? This could be a sign that you’re meant to be the next rising Masterchef!

If you pursue a culinary arts programme, you will learn the art of cooking like a professional. From food preparation and kitchen service to restaurant operations, you will develop the skills and knowledge needed for a successful culinary career.

Here are some of the subjects that you may learn:

  • Essential Cuisine Techniques
  • Kitchen Operations & Management
  • Food Nutrition & Sanitation
  • Patisserie & Baking
  • Menu Design & Creation

Truthfully, the knowledge of math and its applications is needed in many industries — some just require it more than others. So if you’ve made up your mind that you don’t want anything to do with numbers anymore, then taking up an arts course like any of the ones mentioned above will be your safest bet. Good luck!

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