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2 days ago

Got to gain more information about universities that offered various experiences and opportunities e.g. scholarships, programme structure and course qualifications.

Nawwarah Nazri

2 days ago

The virtual education fair is very helpful for me to find choices in what and where i will be studying . The website is also amazing and easy to work with . Following the education fair , a counsellor (ainaa) reached out to me and they're also helpful and friendly .

Chris David

3 days ago

EduAdvisor really helped me to decide the best university for me. Special thanks to Ellen who was the advisor whom assisted and provided all nessary information.Thanks.

Jeevanya Asojan

6 days ago

I'm much appreciated for being guided by Eduadvisor. They guided me throughout the process of choosing a place for my tertiary education. They helped me to answer my doubts & gave me a clear view about my further studies. Special mention to Ellen, who was never tired of replying my text messages and accompanying me throughout the process. Thanks a bunch to you & Eduadvisor 😊


a week ago

Highly recommended for students who have no idea on their interests and need guidance how to continue their higher education. It was recommended to me by a friend, which I then also recommended to another friend haha. Counsellor answered all my questions in detailed and in a very understanding way, even having a useful website with diagrams and charts, and she even gives good suggestions. Thank you for the big help 🙏

Vanessa Chow

a week ago

Consultant here is really nice and friendly not judgement about the results Wendy (a consultant from edu advisor ) gave me a test to know what course I really wanted to and sends all important information from the uni’s I’m interested lastly she will guide me all the way through the application process I’ve experienced a good guidance from Wendy

Evangeline Chooi Ling

a week ago

When I was worry for mu future,I am so glad to meet counselor from EduAdvisor who willing answer my doubt and provide informative message about further study.Thanks EduAdvisor so much

Teo Hwee Sze

3 months ago

My counsellor, Sara was extremely kind, reliable and dedicated. For all of my questions, she provided very detailed and helpful information. She will also follow up my education plans from time to time and the most important is it's free! Last but not least, I highly recommend EduAdvisor to all students who need help in choosing their right course in the right place. Thanks for helping me :)

tew vyveen

2 months ago

I would say that EduAdvisor is the best choice for students who are still struggling with further studies. EduAdvisor will recommend universities or colleges based on students' budget and it is very helpful in applying scholarships. My counsellor Sara are responsible and professional. She provided me lots of useful information and help me a lot on deciding which university to apply for. Sara also help me to understand better in my interested course.

alexx .0115

3 months ago

My counselor Sara help me so much during these few months. She gave me advice on which school to choose is the best and what school has a upper hand on the specific course, this made it really useful for a student to know about the school. Thank you Sara, for helping me along choosing the university that I want and the course I wanted. Would really recommend EduAdvisor to help future high school graduate students, no matter your studying in Malaysia or abroad they'll help you all the way and give you notice about the school's scholarships. So this is very useful

Jeo Hazael

5 months ago

I highly recommend to any students who are confused or have doubts to enter or find the right college for them by seeking help from EduAdvisor. The counsellor is well trained and really helps me in planning my uni life. What's good about EduAdvisor is they will not charge fees and it's completely free. They will need our results to tag our application at our dream university to ensure our application is given priority which will made it easier for us to get an offer from the university. If I have any questions or doubts in the future, I would definitely come back to EduAdvisor.

Yue Mei

a month ago

EduAdvisor has helped me a lot in deciding what courses I should take for my tertiary education. The information provided in the website is informative and useful. It has helped me to have a better understanding in different types of courses and get to know different universities as well. Huge thanks to my counsellor, Sara, for giving me advice and help. I highly recommend EduAdvisor to all parents and students who need advice for further studies. 😊

Elly Yong

4 months ago

My counsellor was Sara, she was very helpful in assisting my application throughout, and gives helpful advices to help me make a better decision when choosing my university.Other than that, she also answers every question promptly and made sure that I understood everything, such as overseas transfer program and the difference between an exchange and transfer etc… Last but not least, she provide lots of scholarship info and try her best to help me get more opportunities. Don’t hesitate to apply with Edu advisor!!

Kaito Hill

2 months ago

I did research on my own before but EduAdvisor helped shine light on a bunch of things I didn't understand before. If you're planning on taking scholarships or applying for any private Universities, I recommend contacting a counselor from EduAdvisor. It honestly really helps and makes the process that much easier. Also my counselor, Melina, was very nice


a month ago

My overall experience with EduAdvisor has been great. They helped me a lot in deciding which programme I should further my studies on. They even prepared and listed all the scholarships and grants available from each institution based on your achievement. On top of that, they also prepare and arrange personalized campus tours. Five stars for the trustworthy and lovely services!

Nurul Alia

3 months ago

EduAdvisor is really helpful no doubt! It’s like having a chat with friends that know everything about college, they’re also very friendly and knowledgeable… They help me in my college decision making by telling me important information such as scholarship and universities that i able to apply based on my results… 10/10 very recommended👍🏻

Nurin Najwa

2 months ago

I found it very helpful for me to decide on which university I could choose to pursue my study. There were a lot of detailed information about the university during the online uni fair that give me a big picture for my future studies. The edu advisor admin also follow up towards the students who have registered.their online tour. They are very helpful and nice too. I'm grateful that nowadays we have this kind of service that is really helpful for us to plan our future journey😆

Gina Tan

2 months ago

Mr Sam is the best Student Advisor I've ever come across. Looking for a university for my child was confusing with so many choices and requirements from different universities. Mr Sam was very professional and was able to help me narrow down the best universities and choices based on my child's interests and results. The best part is that their assistance is professional, reliable and with no cost to parents. Definitely recommended!!!

Liew Wen Yen

4 months ago

One of the counsellor, Sara has helped me a lot through the decision of choosing the better pathway for my studies. She was patient and kind enough to guide me through the much perplexing process. It was a wonderful experience talking to her and would definitely keep in touch with her when it is time to further my studies with my degree 🙌

Ahmed Alansi

2 months ago

This organisation is amazing and very helpful. The agents are very knowledgeable and are always willing to assist us students with our future educational prospects. EduAdvisor is one of the best when it comes to helping students with their college and university choices, as well as lending a hand in setting any appointments and/or applying for courses and scholarships. I highly recommend this to any young students ending high school, or any parents of such students.

Jane Leong

3 weeks ago

The agent,Ms Sara helped me a lot when I'm searching for a suitable university to my pursue my studies at degree level. She got a lot of information about the private universities like scholarships, application, fees etc. She liaised with the school when I didn't get any update from the school. I really appreciate it. I strongly recommend this EduAdvisor to all the students & parents.

Manushri Nithia

2 months ago

So helpful! I'm really glad that I attended EduAdvisor's virtual fair. I managed to find information regarding so many courses! Students who are still clueless about which field they would like to pursue in should definitely seek for assistance from their counsellors. The counsellors are so friendly and polite!

raihana rizal

a week ago

EduAdvisor had helped me a LOT since my foundation up until my degree. They helped me decide on which college/uni to go to by providing very detailed and useful information that I needed. They also helped me with my applications which had lifted a lot of weight off of my shoulders. The best part is that it’s free! I would recommend Sara since she has been there for me since day 1.

Yash Fernandez

2 months ago

EduAdvisor have taken a great initiative to help people who are not sure about what should be their education pathway and make them choose the right course! The members are very kind as well so don't hesitate to reach them out to ask whatever question you may have to get a clear picture of what you should pursue for your higher education.

Jia Wong

2 months ago

They have really fast response, and they really offer a lot of help during my time of struggling choosing uni's after my spm. My PIC is Sara and she's definitely the most efficient people I ever met!! All of their service is free of charge and really helpful for students who are still looking out uni's. Thank you so much!!

Nuraina Nadiah

2 months ago

EduAdvisor is definitely one of the educational consultation services that I would recommend to my friends and all. The consultants are very friendly and pleasant 👍 If you ever need some tips and advice on furthering your studies or even deciding your future course for your future career, EduAdvisor would be the perfect help 😄

Huda Sofiah

2 months ago

I love it, the Advisor always help me when I'm still confused with my choices. I have a few problem like about my budget and the advisor gave me many option for me to see. Since even if I do research I still can't figure it out so when they give me the option I can see what is the benefit for me. I think EduAdvisor are really helpful for student. Thanks for all the help EduAdvisor :)

Aliya Sofia

4 months ago

Very detail oriented and super friendly. A great guidance and simple explanation to help find our pathways. Even until now, EduAdvisor still keeps up with my update. Superb service!

raudhah ariff

2 months ago

I joined the EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair a few months ago and it was very informational. Counsellor Leah in particular was very polite and friendly to me. I'd definitely recommend their service to anyone looking for a good university.

Collene Yap Ern Thong

a month ago

I would like to appreciate that I had met EduAdvisor such a proper and experience teams when struggling on which courses to study on. Education advisor that has been assigned for me was really nice and explain to me everything step by step so that I can have a better and clearer image on the particular course. Education advisor that I had met was responsible and kept follow my latest profile to make sure it’s up to date. If you are struggling on which course you should choose, please feel free to contact or drop a message on EduAdvisor’s webpage. Good luck and all the best for whoever is reading this!!

Taqriz Aris

2 months ago

Just like all of you reading this, EduAdvisor to me was unknown and seemed suspicious. But after having a chat with my assigned counsellor, Ms Sara I started to realise all that they wanted to do was to help us clueless SPM leavers. Ms Sara was kind enough to send prospectuses of different institutions at the same time entertaining questions on them. She even offered to arrange a school tour! All in all, EduAdvisor is trustworthy in the sense that they wanted to see you prosper and helps students in doing so. Definitely recommended for all you students out there

Athirah Zulaikha

4 months ago

i had a great experience talking with one of the advisors! they gave me a lot of information that helped me have a clearer view of my education plan. def recommend this to any high school student who is not clear of what they want to pursue later!

Tharraniah Tamilwanan

3 weeks ago

My advisor Ainaa was really nice and helpful. She'll reply to me every time whenever I have any enquiries or doubts. She explained to me about the universities patiently and she provided me with detailed information about the universities. EduAdvisor indeed helped me to choose a good and affordable university to further my studies. I highly recommend EduAdvisor to other students who need help in choosing a university/college to further their studies.


a month ago

I just talked to Chan, one of the education advisors from EduAdvisor and let me tell you, he is the best. The way he remained calm and composed really puts him on another level. He is kind, compassionate and helpful. If your friends or peers are confused about their further studies, you should ask them to talk to Chan. He will give the best advises and opinions, which are cut and right. We need more people Chan. May God bless him always.

Zuraidah Wray

a month ago

Their fair & website helped me to identify which courses and universities to approach as part of my search for the best course for me. The service of the EduAdvisor post fair was what is more useful and beneficial for me. This service was excellent with special thanks and mention goes to Wendy 😍

Farhah Nadhirah

2 months ago

EduAdvisor is the free and perfect service every students should try. As an SPM leaver, I got a lot of help from them to check out universities that I might be interested to go, especially the Virtual Fair they always held. You have nothing to lose by trying their service. I 100% recommend them!

Tuan Nur Aisyah Damia Tuan Hassan

4 months ago

A nice service making sure to follow up on the students for our education journey. Very helpful on explaination with the friendly counsellors help too. Organize plenty of campaigns and fair to help the students gain more understading upon their education route. Thank you please keep up the hard work i really appreciate it

Fanthagiro Michelle D'Silva

a month ago

EduAdvisor is truly a life saver! If it weren’t for them, I would still be thinking about what I should do, where do I go and who should I ask for my degree. They are so friendly and understanding there’s no pressure at all when talking to them. I 100% recommend them to anyone looking to further their studies! Huge shoutout to Ching for helping me with everything! 🥳

Aishah Haziqah

2 months ago

Very helpful for people who have absolutely zero experience or infos about universities, colleges, scholarships and opportunities. The counsellors are friendly and approachable, suitable for shy people like me. Underrated and most definitely should be used by more students 👍

Iman Alea

2 months ago

I signed up for this website because I was pressured to look for universities by a parent right when I entered form 5. I remember the website showing universities that might have the courses I wanted to take. And then a couple of months in, a counselor from EduAdvisor reached out to me. Her name is Sara. She had been super helpful to me especially after getting my SPM results. Thanks to her, I was able to get rid of a few headaches due to so much pressure. I will be going to an amazing university thanks to Sara too. I really recommend signing up for this website since you'll get emails about some of your unasked questions ESPECIALLY about what to do after you finish SPM.


2 months ago

My counselor was Ching, he was really friendly and helpful in making a better decision in choosing a university for my results. He answered to all my queries. As soon as I sent him my results, he looked into it, in a few days, he came up with a list of universities that's offering my course and scholarships I can qualify for and from there I had a lot queries and he patiently answered to all of it, which really helped me in making a better decision. I'm really grateful for Ching for helping me. Now I finally joined a university, and going to do my bachelor's degree in psychology.

Dina Hisham

2 months ago

This EduaAdvisor virtual fair and web really does help me a lot with finding my own pathways to continue after my spm. They keep in touch with the students to make sure we all get ourselves a university or college to pursue our studies. And whats more interesting about it is the councellors are very friendly and kind. So, I do recommend EduAdvisor for all the students who are still struggling to find the right course. Totally worth it👍

Starling Yan

2 months ago

I was very impressed by their services. Previously I thought it's simpler to just contact the university you're interested in, but sometimes the response from the university is slow because they prioritise responding to other applicants first. This is where EduAdvisor's contacts with the university helped to speed up the process for me. They also created a list of schools that provided scholarships and the specific amount of scholarship rebate based on my personal results. The counsellor I met was very friendly and responsive, always replies almost immediately. They will also offer sincere advice about program choices. All in all, very helpful services, completely free! You may even receive a rebate for registering to a university with them.

Vethabirami Selvendran

3 months ago

Eduadvisor really did a great job helping me make a wise decision for applying to University based on my preference. My counselor was Mr Ching and he's really kind and helpful. He helped with campus visit, gathering details on my choices of universities. He also frequently checked on me regarding my choice of University to help me make decision. I'm really thankful I got their help and I certainly suggest students looking for applying to Universities to reach out to Eduadvisor as it is a great choice! Thank you Eduadvisor and Mr Ching :) 🙌

Rinnn A

a month ago

I was attended to by Melina from Edu Advisor who was really quick in responding to our many queries within a short period of time. EduAdvisor was able to make comparisons between the courses offered by different Unis, fees, etc. I saved a lot of time (me being an extremely busy working mum) by just dealing with a One-Stop Centre like EduAdvisor, for education info. There was not a need at all to liaise with different Unis at different times to gather info on the best course for my son. I was attended to from the day my son's SPM results were out, till the day he registered in his Pre-U course. The best bit is that it didn't cost me a single penny to engage EduAdvisor! Thank you very much and all the best !

Daniel Naim

2 months ago

Eduadvisor's counselors are well-equipped with knowledge about education pathways and are a great help to you if you know nothing about what to do after your SPM/ O-Levels. They also provide you with a list of scholarships available that is personalised just for you based on your eligibility (your results), programmes you want to join and which unis you want to go to. My eduadvisor counselor, Ching , has helped me a lot understanding different pre-u pathways, giving me a list of scholarships that are personalised for me, and has given me a lot of advice on choosing what I want to pursue. And she will always find the time to respond to you, so you can be sure that eduadvisor's counselors will always be there to help. :)

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