10 Cool YouTube Channels You Have to Binge-Watch Today

YouTube isn’t merely a source of mindless entertainment. We’ve curated 10 cool channels that will not only make you smarter, but also more productive!

Updated 28 Aug 2019

10 Cool YouTube Channels You Have to Binge-Watch Today- Feature-Image

Are you in the habit of whiling away countless hours on mind-numbing YouTube content? While the internet is a weird and wonderful source of entertainment, it can also provide an incredible supply of knowledge.

Instead of nagging you off your binge-watching habit, we’ve curated 10 YouTube channels guaranteed to make you smarter and more productive. Here we go!

#1. CrashCourse

Best youtube channels for learning - 1 Crash Course

Founded by brothers Hank and John Green (yes, author of the hit teen romance novel The Fault In Our Stars), this channel packages topics spanning across a fantastic variety of disciplines ranging from science to philosophy, literature to mythology into highly engaging 10 to 12 minute videos.

Adorable graphics coupled with a host of charismatic presenters is what keeps this learning portal from becoming one giant yawn-fest. 10/10 would recommend!

#2. Veritasium

Best youtube channels for learning - 2 Veritasium

Guaranteed to hit the spot of closeted science geeks alike, this channel answers all your burning questions about the great big world we live in.

From how to start a fire with a sandwich bag to what the most radioactive places on the planet are like, host Derek Mueller is on a mission to debunk myths and put your mind to the test with his eye-opening series of videos that will leave you gawking at the engineering marvels of our planet Earth.

#3. Vsauce

Best youtube channels for learning - 3 Vsauce

If you’ve got a raging appetite for the strange, Vsauce is the thing of your wildest dreams.

Satiate your taste for the weird with a selection of videos that offer mind-boggling revelations to questions you didn’t think you wanted answers to, including whether or not you should eat yourself and if the past really happened.

Join the hilariously expressive and brilliantly curious Michael Stevens as he breaks down human behaviour, the human psyche and the world at large for the most scientifically inept among us.

#4. The School of Life

Best youtube channels for learning - 4 The School of Life

The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory — The School of Life aims to teach you how to navigate life itself. Each short film explores the nitty gritty surrounding human existence with in-depth insights into questions like “how to be a friend to yourself”, “how not to be boring” right down to ”why, how and when we flirt”.

This channel places special importance on emotional well-being and aims to arm you with the kind of knowledge you probably didn’t get in school.

#5. TED

Best youtube channels for learning - 5 TED

If you’re a certified internet fiend, it’s impossible that you’re not already acquainted with the big, bold red lettering and inspiring speeches that are associated with TED. Short for technology, education and design, this channel has a talk for everything under the sun, from social issues to the future of our world, right down to common sense advice.

So whether you have an insatiable hunger for knowledge or need a simple pick-me-up, this channel should be your virtual refuge.

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#6. Ted-Ed

Best youtube channels for learning - 6 Ted-Ed

This channel is an initiative by TED, offering educational content on a strange assortment of subjects including insights into a day in a different century and answers to pertinent questions like “why do cats act so weird?” and “why isn’t the world covered in poop?”.

The consistently thought-provoking content and spellbinding animations are sure to keep you coming back for more.

#7. Tasty

Best youtube channels for learning - 7 Tasty

Most recognisable for notoriously flooding your Facebook timeline with #foodporn for days, it’s a shame that you haven’t already subscribed to this foodie favourite.

Tasty serves up bite-sized instructional videos from cooking basics to decadent desserts, enticing even the biggest kitchen noobs to cook up a storm (or at least, inspire us to do a little more than make toast).

#8. BuzzFeed Nifty

Best youtube channels for learning - 8 BuzzFeed Nifty

If you’re a big arts and crafts nerd, this channel is everything you’ve dreamed of and more! Sift through tons of videos that will teach you how to turn everyday items into masterpieces. You can also arm yourself with some #lifehacks you probably didn’t know you needed.

You’ll learn life-changing ways to cut fruit and vegetables, impress your mum with your new and improved work and living space or become the object of envy among your friends with these gorgeous bullet journal ideas.

Whether you’re game for a good DIY session over the weekend or just looking to get your life in order, BuzzFeed Nifty is guaranteed to make “adulting” a little bit easier.

#9. National Geographic

Best youtube channels for learning - 9 National Geographic

If you were a fan of the acclaimed TV channel not long before the idiot box went out of fashion, then this YouTube channel is sure to be your cup of tea.

Each video takes you on a magical journey to faraway places you’ve never been (and probably will never go) — from deep into the lush Redwood forests, the depths of the Palawan sea and even to the icy blue ranges of the Arctic.

Through gorgeous panning shots and vivid imagery, this channel gives never before seen insight into the endless wonder that is Mother Nature that exists in every corner of the earth.

#10. AJ+

Best youtube channels for learning - 10 AJ+

This channel is an initiative by the popular news channel Al Jazeera and attempts to compress ground-breaking news stories into short videos to keep even the least socially-aware abreast with world events.

From riveting documentaries about unique cultures all over the world to up-to-date coverage on the tumultuous conditions affecting international communities, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as you explore all parts of the globe — without having to move an inch from your computer screen.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring these 10 YouTube channels as much as we have! No doubt, YouTube is not merely a source of mindless entertainment, but also a platform that holds a wealth of information just waiting to be tapped into.

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