College Backpack Essentials: 15 Things You’ll Need the Most

Wondering what to pack in your bag for college? Find out which backpack essentials have made it to our list.

Updated 10 Jun 2019

College Backpack Essentials: 15 Things You’ll Need the Most - Feature-Image

Whether you’re a first-time college kid who is wondering what to put into your new backpack or a final year student wanting to be more organised, this checklist of must-have items will ensure you don’t miss out anything!

#1. Headphones

We swear by headphones; they’re the lifesaver you need during your commute to class. They also come in handy when you want to block out noisy chatter while trying to study.

#2. Charger and power bank

College Backpack Essentials-Chargers and Power Bank

Running around with a phone low on battery is a nightmare for everyone — so pack a charger with you so that you can charge your phone on campus. Worried you won't be able to find a plug point? Get yourself a good power bank with at least 10000 mAH battery, so you can confidently go about your day without having to worry about your phone dying.

#3. Slim folder

Do you have a stack of printed lecture notes stuffed in your backpack? They would look much better if they were efficiently placed in clear folders, not to mention you’ll be able to find them easily when you need them.

#4. Planner

College Backpack Essentials-Planner

Don’t forget to pop a planner into your backpack so you can keep track of your assignment deadlines, exam schedule, presentation dates and more.

#5. Student ID

Your student ID is just as important as your IC, so don’t forget to have it in your wallet at all times. Plus, you’ll be missing out on all the cool student discounts you can get if you leave your ID at home.

#6. Pain relief medicine

College Backpack Essentials-Pain Relief Medicine

Getting struck with a splitting headache is no joke, especially when you’re in class trying to focus on your lecturer. The same goes for stomachaches, period cramps and general pain, so pack some Panadol, charcoal pills and other medication regulated by your doctor so you’ll be ready to deal with any discomfort.

#7. Umbrella

Keep calm and carry an umbrella, as getting drenched while you dash to class isn’t the best way to begin your day. Portable brollies that fit snugly in your backpack are the most ideal — just remember to put it back in your bag once it's dry.

#8. Stocked pencil case

College Backpack Essentials-Stocked Pencil Case

Don’t be the loser asking their classmate for a pen just because you forgot to bring your own! Arm yourself with pencil case essentials such as a black pen, a blue pen, a mechanical pencil, pencil lead, an eraser, a ruler and a highlighter. This way, you won’t have to inconvenience other people and can get to work immediately.

#9. Class materials

Similar to bringing your own stationery, don’t forget to bring your own textbooks, printed slides and notebook for taking notes. It doesn’t reflect well on you if you enter the class unprepared, so check which lectures and tutorials you have the next day and bring the necessary class materials with you.

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#10. Tissue and wet wipes

College Backpack Essentials-Tissue and Wet Wipes

Spotted a suspicious-looking stain on your seat in the lecture theatre? Have no fear; grab a tissue or wet wipe from your backpack, swipe at that nasty mark and sit down on the newly-cleaned chair. Tissue packs also come in handy when your lecturer gives you a failing mark and you need to sob for a while, poor you.

#11. Water bottle

Drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day results in better energy levels, brain function, headache prevention and plenty of other health benefits. So always keep a bottle of H2O in your bag and remember to take a chug every few hours.

#12. Mints

College Backpack Essentials-Mints

Before you go up to your crush and say hi, chew on a few mints to keep your breath fresh! Mints will also save the day when you have to introduce yourself to your friend’s other social circle, or when you need to discuss an assignment with your lecturer.

#13. A hoodie

You’ll be thankful for your hoodie when you’re absolutely freezing in class or when you need to catch a few Z’s in the library (or even during class when you really, really, need a nap). It’s also good for when you forget to bring your umbrella and need to run to your car in the rain.

#14. Laptop / tablet

College Backpack Essentials-Laptop

While you don’t necessarily need to lug your laptop to class every day (unless your subject requires it), having your laptop or tablet around makes learning and taking notes easier. You can Google terms you’re unsure of, write better-formatted notes and maybe sneak in a little Facebook session… Oh yes, a laptop or tablet makes things so much more fun.

#15. Wallet

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to leave your wallet at home. To make things easier, don’t take your wallet out of your bag unless you really need to. Also, e-wallets may be all the rage now, but good old-fashioned cash still reigns during emergencies. Stuff your physical wallet with at least RM20, your IC and driver’s license (if you drive a car) and store it safely inside your backpack.

And there you have it, the 15 most important things you should pack in your bag for college. With all these essentials safely stowed away in your backpack, you’ll be prepared for any emergency!

Have we missed out any items? Let us know what else you think should be packed in your college backpack, in the comments section below.

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