Best Universities and Colleges in Malaysia According to the Ministry of Higher Education

Which are the top universities and colleges in Malaysia? The answer is right here in MOHE’s latest SETARA and MyQUEST ratings.

Published 22 Dec 2020

Best Universities and Colleges in Malaysia in 2018/2019 - Feature-Image

The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has finally released the latest SETARA and MyQUEST ratings for 2018/2019, which rate the quality and standards of higher education institutions in Malaysia.

The SETARA system rates universities and private university colleges in Malaysia from 1-Star to 6-Stars. On the other hand, the MyQUEST system is developed to ascertain the quality of private colleges in Malaysia. It also follows the same rating system of 1-Star to 6-Stars.

So, which are the top universities and colleges in Malaysia? Which institutions received the illustrious 6-Star rating? Find out more in our infographic below.

SETARA MYQUEST 2018-19 V03-Infographic 01SETARA MYQUEST 2018-19-Infographic 02

Ratings and rankings can be extremely helpful when deciding which institution to go to. However, it should be one of the many factors. Don’t forget to consider other factors as well, such as fees, location and financial aids before making a decision.

Too many universities to choose from? Here are 5 steps you can take when hunting for the best colleges.

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