Arm Yourself With Skills of the Future With Taylor’s MicroCreds

Wondering how you can be the best of the best? Enrol for Taylor’s MicroCreds now for bite-sized, industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

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Wondering how you can stay relevant in today’s hyper-competitive world?

Introducing Taylor’s MicroCreds — a collection of flexible online short courses to help boost your skills and set you apart from your peers!

Brought to you by the internationally recognised Taylor’s College and Taylor's University, these courses, which range from one day to several weeks, allow you to equip yourself with a variety of industry-relevant skills. Upon completion, you will be awarded an e-certification and a digital badge.

Interested? Keep on reading to learn more.

Why should you attend?

  • Arm yourself with exposure in fields of study ranging from Business to Technology to Design.
  • Learn industry-relevant skills to set you apart from the competition and ensure your relevance in the workplace.
  • Pad up your resume and boost your prospects with your very own e-certification and digital badge upon completion of each Taylor's MicroCred.
  • Study online at your own pace and balance work at the same time.

What are the courses offered?

Taylor’s University

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[gdlr_tab title="Business"]

  • Competitive Strategic Analysis (7 weeks)
  • Driving Performance With Innovation (7 weeks)
  • Competing With Big Data Analytics (3 weeks)
  • Financial Analysis for Performance Management (3 weeks)
  • GTM (Go-to-Market) With Digital Marketing (3 weeks)
  • Ideation and Creativity for Business (3 weeks)
  • Well-Being and Happiness for Success (7 weeks)
  • Dynamic Pitching for Startups (3 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Design"]

  • 360 Video Storytelling (4 weeks)
  • UX Starter Kit (4 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Computer Science and Engineering"]

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics (2 weeks)
  • Data Pre-Processing Techniques (2 weeks)
  • Supervised Machine Learning (2 weeks)
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning (2 weeks)
  • Data Science Toolkits (2 weeks)
  • Data Collection and Cleaning Techniques (2 weeks)
  • Data Visualisation in Data Science (2 weeks)
  • Applied Data Science (2 weeks)
  • Fundamentals of Big Data (2 weeks)
  • Big Data Technologies (2 weeks)
  • Big Data Management (2 weeks)
  • Applied Big Data Management (2 weeks)
  • Fundamentals of Wireless Networks (3 weeks)
  • Wireless Security (3 weeks)
  • Cybersecurity Threats (3 weeks)
  • Cybersecurity for Mobile Devices (3 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Hospitality"]

  • Hospitality Data Analytics (7 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Media and Communication"]

  • Risk Management and Communication (7 weeks)
  • Crisis Management and Communication (7 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Liberal Arts and Sciences"]

  • Professional Acting Masterclass (7 weeks)
  • Professional Playwriting Masterclass (7 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Food Studies and Gastronomy"]

  • Menu Design & Development (4 weeks)
  • Food Cost Management (4 weeks)


[gdlr_tab title="Education"]

  • Digital Learning Experience Design (LXD) (7 weeks)



Taylor’s College

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[gdlr_tab title="CDPOS™"]

  • CDPOS™ Data Citizen (Powered by Apache) (Module 1 - 12 days; Module 2 - 24 days)


[gdlr_tab title="Microsoft Azure"]

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (1 Day)
  • Azure Data Scientist Associates: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (3 days)
  • Azure Data Engineer Associates: Implementing an Azure Data Solution (3 days)
  • Azure Data Engineer Associates: Designing an Azure Data Solution (2 days)
  • Azure Database Administrator Associates: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (4 days)


[gdlr_tab title="Salesforce"]

  • Service Cloud Administration (2 days)
  • Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lighting Experience (5 days)


[gdlr_tab title="Oracle Java"]

  • Java SE 8 Fundamentals (5 days)
  • Java SE 8 Programming (5 days)


[gdlr_tab title="ACCA Global Business Services (GBS)"]

  • Certificate in Global Business Services (7 days)



Now’s your chance to buff up your stats and increase your employability prospects. Sign up for Taylor’s MicroCreds and arm yourself with industry-relevant skills that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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