APU Wins Big at the Wheel Rim Design Challenge

Discover how APU dominated the Wheel Rim Design Challenge to secure numerous top positions including the coveted title of champion.

Updated 02 Jun 2023


When it comes to a dream car, car enthusiasts know that it’s the little details that make all the difference. To spark innovation and creativity, a nationwide competition — The Art of Wheels: Rim Design Challenge 2022 organised by Giant Light Metal Technology Malaysia (GLM) — was held, with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) emerging as a dominant force securing numerous top positions including the coveted title of champion. 


The winner, Bryan Teh Yea Quan, a student from APU's Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design program, caught the attention of judges with his dashing wheel rim design. The young designers were required to design rims for a Porsche sports car, where the finalists’ designs were sent for production for professional judges and car owners to evaluate. 


Attributing his success to the APU’s School of Media, Arts and Design (SoMAD), Bryan said, “SoMAD played a crucial role in helping me achieve my vision with practical guidance by using top-of-the-line design software and equipment, along with feedback from experienced lecturers. All these had directed me in the right direction.”

APU proved to be a powerhouse in the competition, with 18 contestants making it to the Top 32, and 3 of them securing spots in the Top 10. Saifullizan Abdul Wahab, an Industrial Design lecturer at APU, achieved the first runner-up position, while Kenneth Sanderson, a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design student, received a consolation prize. 


APU's contestants demonstrated a keen sense of design and aesthetics, showcasing the neo-trend style of wheel rim design. Their designs incorporated light aluminium alloy materials and embraced the latest wheel manufacturing technologies. Not only were their designs visually appealing, but they also displayed functionality and durability, making them suitable for mass production. 

APU's success in the Art of Wheels: Rim Design Challenge not only brought accolades but also served as a springboard for its students and faculty to explore greater opportunities. The competition broadened the horizons for designers, enabling them to understand the evolving needs of the alloy wheel market. By incorporating alloy materials with functionality, durability, aesthetics, and quality performance, APU's contestants showcased their ability to meet the demands of automakers and customers alike.

This integration of arts and engineering highlights the comprehensive education APU provides to its students in the field of design.

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