The 8 People You Will Meet at Taylor's University

Updated 02 Jun 2017

The 8 People You Will Meet at Taylor's University - Feature-Image

If you're curious about what university will be like, here are some of the wacky unique people you can expect to encounter at Taylor's University.

#1. The Go-Getters


The active bunch of Taylor’s. They like to be in as many clubs or societies as possible – from Student Council to Science Club, they’re on it. Join this bunch to be exposed to many different experiences. You’ll never be bored.

#2. The Kiasu Ones


The winners in everything. With them, you’ll never know what losing is like as their goal is to win, win and WIN!

#3. The Entrepreneurs


The risk-takers. They’re always on the go, trying something new. They can usually be found in the Taylor’s School of Business, preparing for their next success.

#4. The Artsy-Craftsies


Think you have a knack for the arts? Then this group of people is right up your alley. You’ll be able to freely express yourself with this creative and fun group.

#5. The Foodies


[gdlr_row]This group of people are truly Malaysians as they eat, study and breathe food. The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts is where they can be found.

#6. The Mad Scientists


They’re not always the nerds and geeks. In fact, they're always inventing and full of knowledge. With this group of brainiacs, you’ll never run dry of conversation topics.

#7. The Tech Squad


They’re the squad that knows the ins and outs of technology. They’re the magicians that can turn your Apple into Windows. With them, your knowledge of the tech world will be unlimited.

#8. The future students of Taylor’s University


There are loads of other students at Taylor’s University for you to meet.

Find your squad at Taylor’s University today! Visit Taylor's University or complete the form below.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor