7 Reasons to Apply for College Early With Your SPM Trial Results

Rushed decisions often turn out to be bad decisions. Here are 7 reasons why you should apply for college early with your SPM trial results!

Updated 10 Sep 2019

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All of us are guilty of procrastinating at some point in our lives. You probably know what it’s like to mentally kick yourself because you didn’t start studying earlier or underestimated deadlines.

Rushed decisions often turn out to be bad decisions. To avoid this, we always encourage students to apply for college early and not wait until the last minute.

Here are some reasons applying early for college with your SPM trial results can be a good idea.

#1. Never have to experience the dreaded waiting list

Reasons to Apply Early-1 Avoid waiting

Waiting endlessly for something and being entirely unsure of the outcome is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when that outcome has to do with your future!

As the intake date looms closer, popular courses and subject choices can fill up quickly, and if you wait until the last minute, you might find yourself on the dreaded waiting list. This means that you may need to select another subject, change to another course or choose another college.

By applying early as soon as you receive your SPM trial results, you will get the first pick of all the choices available and secure your first option instead of having to settle for second best.

#2. You'll have a higher chance of securing scholarships

Reasons to Apply Early-2 Scholarships

The number one factor that determines the outcome for most scholarship applications is your grades and achievements.

However, most colleges also have a limited number of scholarships to award, and some are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. So if your peers happen to be overachieving superstars with a string of As, you may find yourself missing out on getting substantial scholarships because they have all been taken up by the early birds.

To maximise your chances of securing a scholarship, it's best to apply early with your SPM trial results, especially if scholarships matter tremendously to you.

#3. Dedicate all your energy into studying for SPM

Reasons to Apply Early-3 Focus on Studying

The SPM exam is by no means an easy feat. After all, you will be tested on a wide variety of subjects, from language and history to mathematics and science.

With so much study material to absorb, process and master, the last thing you want is to have half your mind preoccupied with your next steps after SPM.

Applying for college early will give you one less thing to worry about, allowing you to commit fully to preparing for one of the biggest exams of your life.

#4. Avoid the post-SPM rush

Reasons to Apply Early-4 Rush

As soon as SPM exams are over, colleges and universities will be flooded with students, all vying for the limited attention of overworked counsellors. And if you're planning to wait until your SPM results are out in March, the atmosphere will be even more hectic.

So if you need personalised counselling and advice to evaluate all your choices, applying during the rush will not be a wise move.

Instead, try doing your research early and engage with counsellors several months in advance. Chances are, counsellors will have more time to answer your questions and give you more detailed responses.


If your SPM trial results only barely meet the entry requirements for your desired course, it's much wiser to wait and apply for college after receiving your actual SPM results. This is because colleges can retract their offer if you end up missing the grades during your actual exam. In this instance, it's better to wait and focus on improving your grades instead.

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#5. A chance to reassess your options

Reasons to Apply Early-5 Assess Options

If there is one thing that is certain about life, it is that life is uncertain. Despite our best efforts, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to.

Entry requirements and subject prerequisites can change, which may result in you no longer being eligible for a programme when you thought you safely qualified. You may overlook deadlines or miss out on an important piece of information that changes your decision entirely.

Applying early ensures that if things changes or don't work out (touch wood!), at least you’ll have time to think of a backup plan instead of being left stranded.

#6. You'll have more time for other college preparations

Reasons to Apply Early-6 More time to prepare for college

Filling out the application form isn’t the only thing on your to-do list — there are plenty of other college preparations that will take up your time as well!

If you’re from out of town, you will need to look for accommodation and ensure that you have everything you need for living away from home, whether it’s pots and pans for the kitchen, bed sheets and pillow cases or even basic medication like Panadol and flu meds.

Applying early means you’ll have more time to prepare for college thoroughly, in addition to researching on textbooks, meals and transport around your campus too!

#7. Get some peace of mind

Reasons to Apply Early-7 Peace of Mind

It is often said that your secondary school years are some of the best years of your life.

Applying early for college is a good way to make the last few months of secondary school as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, especially if you tend to worry about making life decisions. Not only that, you'll have a good answer for prying relatives during the December holidays and be the talk of the dinner table.

Although you should never rush into a decision, there is no reason to delay if you are certain of your path ahead. So do yourself a favour and apply for college early with your trial results!


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