7 Awesome Reasons to Take AUSMAT Even If You're Not Planning to Study in Australia

From being an internationally recognised Pre-U programme to a programme that grants you flexibility, here are 7 awesome reasons why you should consider taking AUSMAT!

Updated 07 Feb 2022

7 Awesome Reasons to Take AUSMAT Even If You're Not Planning to Study in Australia - Feature-Image
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If you have your eyes set on studying abroad in Australia, chances are the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) has made it as one of your top pre-university choices. And for good reasons, since it will give you a smooth transition to an Australian university.

But AUSMAT isn’t just for those who are plotting to pack their bags and jet set to the Land Down Under. There are plenty of things to shout about with AUSMAT, given its unique course structure and worldwide recognition that makes it stand out among other pre-university courses.

Here are 7 reasons why AUSMAT can be a great choice after SPM, even if studying in Australia isn't on your cards.

#1. Be a step ahead of everyone else

awesome reasons to take ausmat - head start

Compared to other pre-university courses, the duration of AUSMAT is 11 months, relatively shorter than other programmes like A-Level and International Baccalaureate (IBDP) that can take between 15 to 24 months and 24 months respectively.

awesome reasons to take ausmat - education timeline

The fast-track nature of the course does mean that your schedule will be a lot more hectic than your friends in other courses, with a busier academic timetable and shorter semester breaks.

But the upside is that by the time your peers are done with their pre-university courses, it is likely that you are already months into your degree. Imagine the time you have ahead of everyone else!

#2. Save up on college tuition fees

awesome reasons to take ausmat - affordable and generous

If a shorter duration doesn’t seem appealing enough to you, what about money? No, we’re not talking about giving you cold hard cash because no one has that kind of bread to throw around (read: you’re not getting any money).

AUSMAT, however, is one of the most cost-effective pre-university courses out there.

awesome reasons to take ausmat - money chart

Take A-Level, for example, where the typical fees range between RM20k to RM65k. Or consider the International Baccalaureate (IBDP) that's mostly offered by international schools, where the fees can go up to a hefty RM170k for a 2-year course.

In comparison, AUSMAT will only cost you around RM15k to RM30k, depending on the college.

Because your study duration is shorter, it also adds up to more money saved when you take into account other aspects like food, accommodation and transport.


Apart from offering you extremely reasonable tuition fees (their AUSMAT course is one the most affordable around), MCKL also offers generous scholarships where you can get up to a whopping 100% scholarship for AUSMAT with 9As for SPM.

#3. Get the flexibility to take both Science and Arts

awesome reasons to take ausmat - science and arts

With a total of 5 subjects for you to select, AUSMAT gives you the flexibility to take a mixture of both Arts and Science subjects. This allows you to explore different subjects before ultimately deciding your undergraduate degree later on.

For instance, if you've always been in the Science stream but you're looking to explore Business, you can still pick a combination of Physics and Chemistry to keep things safe while experimenting with Economics at the same time. After a year of your AUSMAT studies, you can then decide whether you prefer to stick to Science or opt for an Arts degree instead.

Having the option to choose a variety of subjects will widen your experience so that you can make the best possible decision for your degree.

#4. Avoid the nightmare of last-minute studying

awesome reasons to take ausmat - coursework and assignments

If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys the high stakes of having your entire academic year boil down to a single do-or-die paper, AUSMAT can give you some relief.

AUSMAT has a unique examination format where you will be evaluated via a combination of both continuous assessment and final exams. You will be tested on your study material as and when you learn it, so there is always a sense of gradual progress.

This takes a tremendous amount of pressure off your finals since you would have accumulated marks over the year through various tests and assignments. So if you have a bad day during your final paper, it won't be the end of the world.

#5. Develop valuable character traits

awesome reasons to take ausmat - character development

With class tests and assignments being dished out weekly, AUSMAT isn’t a course where you can slack off, cram everything at the last minute and still boast a decent grade.

On the contrary, consistency is crucial and you will need to adapt to juggling multiple tasks and assignments in addition to keeping a keen eye on deadlines and test dates. This will help you develop self-discipline, time management and multitasking skills.

What's more, group assignments will give you a taste of team dynamics and how to work and collaborate effectively together. And because you’re being evaluated via different types of assessments (class tests, essays and assignments, group presentations, etc.) it also makes you highly versatile to different challenges.

All of this is similar to a university environment, where you will be required to balance between assignments, group projects and final exams. This makes AUSMAT an enviable choice as it prepares you well for university life.


MCKL has a strong character development programme that focuses on developing soft skills, critical thinking and leadership skills to help you excel in your studies and beyond. In fact, MCKL students undergo 10 hours of volunteering work as part of their course as a means to boost holistic education.

#6. Get access to countries outside of Australia

awesome reasons to take ausmat - international acceptance

If you have your sights set on furthering your studies in Australia, then AUSMAT is a no brainer. Regulated by the Australian government, an AUSMAT qualification will give you a seamless transition to a degree at Australian universities.

But if living in the smallest continent in the world that’s famed for kangaroos, fantastic beaches and a laidback lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry! Just like its sibling A-Level, AUSMAT is an internationally recognised pre-university programme.

What this means is that a host of prominent universities in countries like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore accept the AUSMAT qualification as a passport to their degrees.


MCKL’s AUSMAT alumni have gone on to renowned universities outside Australia, including University of Otago (New Zealand), University of Nottingham (UK), Union University (North America), Crimea State University (Ukraine) and even universities in Germany!

#7. Study closer to home

awesome reasons to take ausmat - study in malaysia

Understandably, studying abroad is not for everyone.

For some, homesickness, a foreign culture and the cold weather are some of the deterring factors that make studying abroad a no-no. For others, it could be due to sudden changes in financial circumstances as a result of our weakening ringgit.

Thankfully, AUSMAT is accepted by private institutions throughout Malaysia as a legit pre-university qualification. So if heading abroad is not on the cards for you, you can still complete your degree at a Malaysian private university.


While public universities generally do not accept pre-university qualifications from private institutions, MCKL has successfully enrolled some of its AUSMAT alumni into Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Although more of an exception than a norm, it does speak volumes of MCKL's exceptional quality of education.

Want to study AUSMAT? Here’s how you can do it at MCKL.

awesome reasons to take ausmat - why study ausmat at mckl

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