5 Solid Reasons Why Taylor’s College is the Pioneer for the Australian Matriculation Programme

Here's why the Taylor's College SACE International programme will inject nothing but quality into your pre-university education.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

5 Reasons Why Taylor’s College is the Pioneer for the Australian Matriculation Programme - Feature-Image
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After slogging away for a good chunk of your student life (hello, PT3 and SPM exams), you’ll definitely want nothing but the best when it comes to your pre-university education. But what programme do you pick if you're looking to keep your options open? Or which institution should you go with if you want to study Down Under?

Here's why studying the Australian Matriculation programme at Taylor's College will inject nothing but quality into pre-university education experience.

#1. It’s an extensive and well-thought-out course

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Extensive And Well-thought-out Course

Wondering if you're venturing into uncharted territory with Australian Matriculation? Not to worry, Taylor’s College is the pioneer for the Australian Matriculation programme since 1969, so rest assured your education is in good hands.

Taylor's College offers the SACE International, an internationally recognised pre-university programme equivalent to the Year 12 Australian high school course. Even if you don't plan to study in Australia, it’s accepted by many universities around the world, including the UK, USA, Singapore and many of our local private institutions.

The programme consists of 70% school-based assessments and 30% final examination, giving you a good mix of both theoretical and practical knowledge. What’s more, you’ll have the flexibility to choose subjects from different streams (e.g. chemistry and biology with economics). This allows you to explore various fields before deciding what degree to pursue later on.

Speaking of exams, your school-based assessments will be sent to the SACE Board of South Australia for moderation, ensuring the highest of standards. Your final exam will be set and graded by the SACE Board of South Australia.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you'll receive the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and will be awarded an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). ATAR is used to apply for university placement.

Raring to go? Intake months are January, March and August.

#2. Study globally with Taylor's University Placement Service

Why Studying SACE At Taylors College-Study Globally

Should you prefer to study in top universities around the world including Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, the US and more, SACE International is the perfect gateway!

Taylor's College offers a robust list of services that will help get you to your preferred international university. From personalised counselling on admission requirements and application procedures to preparatory sessions guiding you on personal statement writing, you'll be assured that the University Placement Service will see you successfully jetting off.

Not convinced? Taylor’s College has produced illustrious alumni who have gone on to pursue dazzling futures.

SACE International 2017 graduate Yeong Yining, an aspiring engineer, achieved an ATAR of 99.90 and was also named the recipient of the SACE International Highest Achievement Award.

Studying at Taylor's College has been a great journey because of two major components; friends and food. I wanted to get the most of my pre-university life and threw myself headfirst into the experience. — Yeong Yining

Meanwhile, fellow SACE International 2017 graduate and Subject Merit Award recipient Abihrrhami S. Rajagopal, who is enrolled in the University of Auckland studying Chemical Engineering, had this to say about the programme:

The lecturers at Taylor’s were so engaging and so approachable that all it took was me raising my hand during the class — it didn’t matter when. They would try their best to help me with my question, sometimes even coming to the extent of answering my questions at eye level. — Abihrrhami S. Rajagopal

#3. It offers practical experience as well as book-learning

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Practical

You won’t just be poring over heavy textbooks for SACE International, that’s for sure. The programme at Taylor’s College emphasises practical experience too, so expect plenty of exciting activities that complement knowledge you glean from textbooks and study material!

Take students studying nutrition. Their classes involve baking cookies but it's not all fun and games. The trip to the kitchen includes modifying a cookie recipe to make a healthier version, allowing them to apply their knowledge of food selection and dietary evaluation.

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Peking Man

Biology students get the chance to ponder the origin of life on Earth with educational visits to exhibitions in Muzium Negara. Learning comparative genomics, genetic variation and humans' impact on the world gets more interesting when they aren't just words on paper!

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Gardenia

And if economics is just a mass of numbers and jargons to you, the real-life experience of seeing economic concepts applied in a field trip to a Gardenia factory will have you seeing business models and market forces in a new light.

After all, the best students are those who meld theoretical knowledge with real-world insights to succeed in whatever they do.

#4. And the award goes to...

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Award Version 2

… Taylor’s College SACE International for producing world-class results!

In 2017, 9 out of 10 Highest Subject Achievement Awards are from Taylor’s College while 26 out of 26 Merit Awards (awards given to the top 2% of A+ recipients) are also from Taylor’s College.

On top of that, a grand total of 2,431 graduates have achieved an ATAR of 80 and above (2011- 2017) — that’s really impressive. But that's not all, the Taylor’s College SACE International programme continues to live up to its reputation as more than 4,572 graduates were placed into 201 universities worldwide since 2011.

So yes, at Taylor’s College, you’re bound to secure a prosperous education pathway that guarantees nothing but success.

#5. You’re offered all the scholarships you can dream of

Why Studying SACEi At Taylors College-Scholarship

Need a helping hand financing your SACE International programme? Taylor’s College has a multitude of fully-funded scholarships for deserving students!

If you have your SPM or IGCSE trial exam results, you can apply for the Taylor’s Distinction Award 2019. This illustrious scholarship offers up to 100% tuition fee waiver for those with good grades, with an opportunity to upgrade later on if you achieve better results. Application deadline is 29 October 2018, so do it soon!

The Taylor’s College Merit Scholarship aids academically stellar students, where you can get up to 100% scholarship. So if you have excellent SPM or IGCSE results, get ready to apply for this.

If you're a sports champ with a state level competition medal or a social advocate passionate about worthy causes, then the Taylor's College Talent Scholarship is for you.

Just eager to begin your world-class education? The Taylor's Excellence Award is a flexible, tiered scholarship where you can get up to RM15,000 tuition fee waiver depending on the number of As you achieve for your SPM results.

So there you go — 5 solid reasons why pursuing SACE International at Taylor’s College will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Pre-university is the essential bridge to university, which makes it the foundation of your academic self. Claim that bright future by picking the best for you!

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