6 Ways To Destroy Your Future

College is a very important time in your life, and if you're not careful, you could have your future turn to dust. Here are 6 things you MUST avoid at all costs.

Updated 03 Jul 2019

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The best part about college is that there will no longer be anyone to dictate what you're supposed to do. Everything is at your own discretion, and there won't be any discipline teachers around to monitor you like how it was in high school.

As exciting as it may be to begin this new chapter of your life, you need to be wary of this newfound freedom.

College is the place where your life can take a turn for the worse. The freedom you have in your hands could be a ticking time bomb if you don't manage it properly.

The price to pay? Your future.

Don't want to fall into that rabbit hole? Here are 6 things you MUST avoid at all costs.

1) Constantly skipping classes

Had a late night out partying? Boring lecturer? One of those days where you just don't feel like going to class?

Isn't it great that you're able to decide for yourself whether to go for classes or not?

But don’t forget — every class you decide to ponteng means you’re a step behind your peers.

And before you know it, you won't be able to follow your curriculum and you'll get discouraged from going to class altogether. Eventually, you'll end up dropping out of college, living the rest of your days without purpose or direction.

Bottom Line: Never skip class unless you really have to. Remember that starting salaries for graduates are always higher than those without a degree.

2) Partying like it's a job

Social life in college is important, and it's great to let loose once in a while.

Friends will be inviting you to a party week after week, and all the partying may get a little bit out of hand. You spend so much of your time and energy partying (and recuperating from said parties) that you don’t have any left for the most important task — studying.

There’s always a limit to everything, so don’t let the parties take priority over your studies.

College is one of the best times of your life, but it's also one of the most important times of your life too. Don't screw it up.

Bottom Line: Play hard, but work hard too. It's what your parents are paying for.

3) Living beyond your means

It's hard to overspend back in secondary school. After all, the canteen aunty is probably the one and only choice that you have.

But in college, the choices are endless. With Starbucks, trendy cafes and all sorts of mouthwatering food and dessert options on and around your college campus, it can be easy to blow your budget, not to mention all your other miscellaneous entertainment expenses.

Overspending is one of the worst habits to have, and if you carry it into adulthood, you may end up buying pricey gadgets or branded handbags that you simply cannot afford, taking on expensive personal loans and credit card debt to fund this terrible habit.

Bottom Line: Have a budget and stick to it. This makes it easier for you to say no if your friends want to do things that aren't within your budget.

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4) Driving recklessly

I remember when I first got my driving license. It was SO much fun having the freedom to drive myself around instead of always needing to take the bus or the LRT, or depend on the parents.

But driving is a serious matter. It can be fun to be behind the wheel at first, but don't go challenging your friends to a race, WhatsApp while driving, or worse yet, drive while you're drunk. Call a sober friend or grab a taxi instead.

The last thing you want is to get into an accident and lose your life. Your mother's heart will never heal from that kind of pain and grief.

Always drive responsibly on the road, and never, ever drive recklessly. Because even if you don't appreciate your life, others do.

Bottom Line: Driving is a HUGE responsibility. Don’t take it lightly, as lives can be ruined.

5) Getting into a relationship

If you're lucky, you might meet the love of your life in college and feel like everything in life is all sunshine and rainbows. But if you don’t learn to balance your life properly, that perfect life can be at the expense of your future.

Spending too much time on dates could mean you have less time to study and complete your assignments. And the consequences? Your grades plummet.

If you’re going to get into a relationship, make sure you have proper time management, and also emotional management. Breakups can be tough, and can also jeopardise your wellbeing. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

Bonus Tip: Instead of going to the cinemas and chilling out at cafes, schedule your dates at the college library with your sayang.That way, you get to kill two birds with one stone — study AND spend time together!

6) Getting caught up with drugs

This is a serious matter. You should never try drugs no matter what your friends say. This is a time in life where you can be easily influenced, and if your friends ever offer or invite you to do drugs, DON’T DO IT!

It’s not cool to do drugs or even just to try it. It does not improve your social status in college. Instead, you could get addicted and become a drug addict.

Once that happens, your life will turn into a never-ending downward spiral. You'll have a hard time kicking the habit, be in constant debt and you could even spend the rest of your life in jail, or worse — get the death penalty!

Bottom Line: Drugs are not cool. They cost you A LOT more than just money.

What other things should you avoid in college? Let us know in the comments below. For more tips, check out this article: 5 Unhealthy Habits That Could Ruin Your Grades

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