5 Unique and Exciting Careers in Real Estate Everyone Should Consider

Real estate management is one of the most lucrative careers out there. Check out these career options in real estate you can dive into.

Updated 19 Sep 2023

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As cities start to sprawl and residential areas expand, real estate will be one of the industries that’ll constantly evolve, keeping the demand strong for many jobs and careers associated with it. There’s even a wide range of career options associated with the real estate industry — you might not even know some of them exist!

So, if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into the real estate industry, here are some careers you might want to consider.

#1. Real estate agent 

It’s only natural to think of real estate agents being the face of the real estate industry. After all, it’s the most common career in the field.

Real estate agents are responsible for helping people sell, buy or rent properties. They also advise clients on the market conditions, conduct property viewings and provide guidance throughout the process of buying, selling or leasing.

As a real estate agent, you could be dealing with either commercial (e.g. retail outlets, office spaces) or residential properties (e.g. landed properties, condos). Regardless of which you specialise in, you’ll require licensure to become a Registered Estate Agent (REA). To do this, you’ll need to register with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA). The process includes passing the relevant exams, completing practical training and passing the Test of Professional Competence (TPC).

Aside from having the right credentials, being a real estate agent requires great communication and social skills, in addition to being good at negotiating and persuading clients. At the same time, you’ll also need to have patience, determination and perseverance, as not all deals will result in a sale.

#2. Real estate valuer 

Someone who plans to sell their house will need to know how much their property is worth before putting it on the market. This is where a real estate valuer comes in!

A real estate valuer will need to estimate how much a house is worth based on several factors before listing it on the open market. This requires them to take in account the market value, demand and supply of the property market, location and the condition of the property itself. Once done, the findings will be filed in an evaluation report and handed to the bank. Real estate valuers earn their money based on services they provide in the form of valuation fee.

The real estate market is highly regulated so this means that not just anyone can become a real estate valuer. You’ll need to be registered with the Board of Board of Valuers, Appraisers, and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA) which will give you the license to run as a professional real estate valuer.

The responsibilities of a real estate valuer seems straightforward but it’s far from easy. In fact, the accurate estimation of properties is extremely important not just to buyers and sellers but also to mortgage lenders, investors and insurers.


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#3. Property leasing consultant

A leasing consultant’s main job is to ensure that there are tenants in the building, whether it’s a shopping mall or office tower. They’re the ones who interact with tenants and prospective retailers on behalf of property management companies, ensuring a good tenancy mix.

As a property leasing consultant, your responsibilities include going over lease terms and prices, rental applications, lease negotiations and renewals, and assisting with property viewings. And if you’re a leasing consultant for a shopping mall, you’ll also be involved in identifying retail concepts and marketing for the mall.

As with most property-related jobs, you may be required to work outside of office hours to facilitate property viewings for potential tenants. While the work is generally office-based, you will spend a significant amount of time away from your desk to visit properties, handle viewings and evaluate marketing opportunities.

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#4. Property manager

If you identify as someone with great communication, negotiation and organisational skills while having an interest in the property field, becoming a property manager might be your calling.

As a property manager, you’ll be managing the maintenance and upkeep of buildings, ensuring that it is safe and well maintained. Your responsibilities include financial and insurance management, implementing regulations and managing building maintenance and security.

Just like real estate agents and valuers, you’ll need a license to become a professional property manager. Similarly, you’ll need to be registered with BOVEA by undergoing verification exercises to validate your experience working with property management. Only then will you be able to manage several properties and lead your own team.

#5. Real estate marketing specialist

Ever notice new property locations spread up on billboards by the highway? What about in a newspaper spread? These are the work of real estate marketing specialists!

As a real estate marketer, you’ll be in charge of executing multiple marketing campaigns to help expand the real estate brand for agents and brokers. This means strategising, conceptualising and managing various ad campaigns with the help of public relations, creating digital content and ensuring a consistent online presence — all so that the brand is seen by the public.

This is essentially one of the most important roles behind the real estate industry as businesses will have a hard time generating clients and sales without them. If you’re interested in the property field but not one to deal with buyers and sellers, this career might be great for you.

Being part of the real estate industry can be very rewarding, but you’ll need to ensure you’re armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the field. Which of these real estate careers are you most interested in?

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