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Imperia is a specialist institution in the construction and property industry
Imperia’s degree programmes have been accredited by the relevant boards and institutions

What You Need to Know about Imperia

In 1995, a group of professional estate agents came together and founded Imperia to provide the best training and human resource development courses.

Upon approval by the Selangor State Education Department, courses were delivered under the name of “Centre for Continuing Development and Further Education” in October 1996.

Over the years, the centre relocated from Petaling Jaya to its current location in Menara Summit, Subang Jaya. Its current location is surrounded by major highways and public transportation for accessibility and convenience.

Imperia’s courses are focused in niche areas such as Quantity Surveying, Real Estate Management and many more that are related to the construction and property industry. Imperia provides the necessary tools and knowledge for any individual to succeed in this field.

Quick Facts

Estimated Fees (entire course):

  • Foundation: RM5,200
  • Diploma (Quantity Surveying): RM19,800
  • Degree (Real Estate Management): RM48,800

Why Choose Imperia


Overseas Award

Imperia’s Quantity Surveying degree is the only one awarded by a UK university in Malaysia


Highly Experienced Lecturers

Imperia’s lecturers and tutors are professionals and veterans in their respective fields


Highly Focused

The institution is the only one in Malaysia that provides construction and property courses

Popular Courses at Imperia


Imperia is located in Menara Summit, Subang Jaya. The campus is just minutes away from the nearest LRT and BRT station. Also, RapidKL buses frequently service the route in front of the campus and there are plenty of taxis waiting to pick up passengers around the area.

Situated in Subang Jaya, there are many amenities and shopping malls located in this town for the convenience of students. Menara Summit is also connected to several shopping malls and there is even a hypermarket situated behind the campus.

Getting Around

  • Public Transport: Easily accessible via RapidKL and LRT, BRT and KTM trains. Taxis are available as well.
  • Parking: Parking is available on campus.

Accommodation at Imperia

Impian Meridian

Impian Meridian is situated just behind Menara Summit and is only a minute away from the campus. Imperia offers single and twin sharing rooms in this residence for you to stay. Facilities such as swimming pool, sauna and gymnasium are available for your convenience. Also, there are shops such as a convenience store, restaurant and cafes just below the residence.

Casa Subang

There are rooms located in Casa Subang that are managed by Imperia’s accommodation services. Casa Subang is located just 5 minutes walk away from the campus and has single or twin sharing rooms for you to choose from. Accommodation here is also more affordable than at Impian Meridian. The residence is located nearby commercial areas where you can run errands and also get your necessities easily.

Great Stuff & Facilities Around Campus


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