5 Things to Do during Your SPM Break

Are you going berserk while waiting for SPM result? You aren't alone. Tame your nerves and make the most of your break with these tips!

Updated 08 Jun 2016

5 Things to Do during Your SPM Break - Feature-Image

Yes, toss the confetti and pop the champagne because the sweet scent of freedom is in the air! After months of burying yourself under books, the days of cramming deadly lengthy texts from Moral values to the chemical properties of Sodium Hydroxide are finally coming to a halt… at least for now. But before you call it quits on this love-hate relationship, take a deep breath.

You may have crafted the perfect plan to ditch all your notes at the recycling centre. Or perhaps you’ve already solemnly made a vow to set your stack of books on fire (it’s alright, we’ve all been there). Whatever gimmicks you're cooking up in the name of vengeance, hold your horses!

As you count down to the final days of high school, bear in mind that you are also marking a new turning point in your life (#surprisenosurprise) - ushering in the inevitable nagging torment from worried parents, obligatory trips to campus open days, mountainous pile of college brochures as well as a stream of unwarranted advice from kepoh (read: concerned) parties.

We understand it can be a daunting task to systematically capitalise every bit out of your dwindling days of freedom. But fret not, we’ve compiled a run-down of substantial things that you can actually do before the arrival of Doomsday (kidding!).

travel after spm

#1. Travel, travel and travel!

Now is precisely the time for you to start expanding your horizons and seeing more of the world. We’re talking proper meaty travel; real people, raw locations and astounding experiences. If your homeland is beginning to seem diminutive, a travel programme might just be what you need to stretch your boundaries and satisfy your wanderlust.

These programmes unveil fresh opportunities for you to move beyond the basic touristic travel experience while still carving fond memories of your excursions. Instead of spending your holiday binge watching TV shows, hit the road starting from somewhere closer to home. Embrace our rich Asian heritage by unravelling the hidden treasure across Asia without burning a hole in your pocket.

discover niche after spm

#2. Discover your academic niche

We don’t mean to rain on your parade but this is certainly a task to be ticked off; like it or not, this runs by default. Have a go at identifying your passion and field of interest and if you still haven’t a clue, take a deep breath because you’re certainly not alone.

Our two cents? Start by imagining yourself in a career of some kind - be it an astronaut, a football player or a surgeon - the gist here is to let your imagination run wild. Yes, allow big thoughts to float around without pinning them down and you’ll catch a glimpse of your own preferences.

Before you feel prepared to hop in one direction, you’ll probably need to do some research and you’ll be flabbergasted with the wealth of resources that are actually available across the Internet. Kick-start by answering this simple quiz (no-brainer questions, we promise) for some inspiration if you are unsure what pre-university course to study.

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learn driving after spm

#3. Start driving yourself to the mall

Here’s another mark of new found freedom as much as it is a quintessential rite of passage - a driving license. We assure you that obtaining a driving license during this break will only serve you good later on. Picture the privilege of moving around independently and seamlessly. Mamak sessions at ungodly hours? Piece of cake!

With every price tag skyrocketing perpetually, the sooner you land yourself a green card to drive, the better it is. Here’s a dummy guide to kick off every teen’s dream.

work after spm

#4. Feed your bank account / piggy bank

One of the core concerns for novice travellers is how to actually afford it. The promises of volunteer work and luminous beach are all fine and dandy, but how will you afford your hostel for the night, or a ride to the next town without the ka-chings?

Opt for the right part-time job and anticipate not only a boost in your bank account but also the necessary exposures to a career of your interest. Money aside, other perks include networking opportunities, practical skills (i.e. budgeting) and a jump-start on your career path.

For starters, do you know you can actually get paid to shop or eat out? If you are fine with posing as an ordinary customer, ticking boxes and penning down a report about your experience, mystery shopping might just be your effortless way to generate money.

volunteer after spm

#5. Volunteer and make a difference

Give a little, gain a lot. Beyond the common perception of volunteering as a selfless act of charity and altruism, it’s really okay to expect some benefits out of it. Rather than grasping it as something you do for people who are less fortunate as compared to yourself, start perceiving it as an exchange.

Here’s why. Consider that most people find themselves in need at some point in their lives. Perhaps today you may be the person with the privilege to help, but tomorrow you may very well be on the receiving end of someone's kind gesture.

From wrestling volunteering with Orangutans in Borneo and building sustainable homes out of tyres, cans and bottles to reaching out to the homeless, there are a myriad of volunteer programmes in Malaysia that are bound to suit your liking.

take action after spm

Hopefully one (if not more) of these ideas tickles your fancy and gives you something other than the Game of Thrones to get out of bed for. Have a great holiday and yes, milk every drop out of your few months of freedom!

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