5 Must-Watch Videos to Reignite the Spirit of Merdeka

In line with the 59th Merdeka celebration, here are 5 must-watch videos to relive the spirit of our independence day!

Updated 28 Aug 2019

5 Must-Watch Videos to Reignite the Spirit of Merdeka - Feature-Image

Merdeka is just around the corner, and as expected, there’s no shortage of patriotic videos strutting across the Internet. Yes, (inevitably) there are the usual suspects such as Petronas, which never fails to trigger our tear ducts.

But here at EduAdvisor, we strive to take you through a journey of laughter, tears and goosebumps.

In line with the 59th Merdeka celebration, we ran through every corner of the Internet to give you a run-down of the 5 greatest Merdeka videos to channel this warm and fuzzy sensation that we gladly coin as patriotism.

#1. Here in My Home – Malaysian Artistes for Unity (2008)

If you’re an avid radio listener, odds are, these heartfelt tunes would’ve at least travelled through your ear gate once. Composed by our versatile (read: singer songwriter, film composer and filmmaker) extraordinaire, Pete Teo, the song features artists like Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor and Tony Fernandes, just to name a few.

Conceived in April 2008, Pete independently helmed this zero-budget, non-partisan, non-profit and multi-artists recording as an effort to speak out against racism. To top it all, the music video for the song was directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, our legendary film maker.


Here in My Home” is publicly available for download here.

#2. Tan Hong Ming in Love (2007)

Amidst the sea of Petronas Merdeka commercials, this aptly titled clip captured not only the sincere affection of a child but also Tan Hong Ming’s toothy grin in (arguably) one of the most endearing videos that has since, etched an unceasing impression in our heart.

The one minute and thirty seconds video candidly accentuates then seven-year-old Tan Hong Ming profession of love towards his schoolmate, Umi Qazrina. Between the extra dose of pure and charming affection, it was mainly a lesson in the notion of colour-blindness, and how a child could surpass racial barriers and treasure a dear friend for who she was.

“Our children are colour blind. Shouldn’t we keep them that way?”. Heck, yes!


If you’re pondering whether the commercial was scripted, it has been confirmed that it was not. In fact, here’s a glimpse of them reuniting again after four years.

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#3. What If Your Family Is Larger Than You Think?(2015)

Get out the tissues for this next sketch! Tapping into the scoop of family and unity through the lens of Uncle San, the tear-jerking video revolves around the anecdote of his personal battles that were eclipsed by his heart of gold.

Despite his struggles with elephantiasis, our unsung hero (who survives only on a welfare aid of RM300) stands firm on his noble pursuit of donating his meagre savings to charity organisations. The video also highlights our Ranau earthquake mountain guides who fearlessly saved over 150 people – all in all sending us into full-on waterworks mode.


The heart wrenching tale of Uncle San was once featured in The Star.

#4. How to Know You’re Malaysian (2014)

Has it ever hit the corner of your mind what sets us Malaysians apart from the rest of the world? Well you could say we’re one of a kind – with our quirky lingo (read: just rojak really), customs and kiasu peculiar habits.

From addressing everyone as “boss” to ending every sentence with “lah”, here’s a whimsical video that will not only make you go “OMG, YES” but also burst you into a series of laughing fits, eventually sending you into hysterics!

#5. The Flashmobs of #tanahairku (2013)

If you’ve been on all-ears through your History classes, this video will hit the soft spot of your heart. In this video, our late national laureate, Datuk Usman Awang’s famed Tanah Air poem is brilliantly given a fresh new spin.

Serenaded by Stacy, Suki, Alinda and Aizat, the classic poem is revamped into a pop song as an effort to inject the Merdeka spirit into the hearts of our younger generation through a series of flash mobs across Malaysia.

It’s been a tough year for our motherland in many ways, but it’s also from these beautiful works of art that every glimmer of hope reignites us over and over again. As we usher in yet another year of independence, let’s not dwell on the things that divide us, but cherish everything that binds us together and makes us who we are.

Selamat Hari Merdeka, let's join hands together to uphold our interracial harmony and social cohesion as we celebrate in unity!

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