28 Jan 2016

15 Types of Students You’re Bound to Meet in College [Infographic]

“The friends you make in college could be the best ones you’ll ever have!”

If you’re about to start college soon, be prepared for a roller-coaster ride!

College is one of the best times for exploration and socialising, where you will meet many different types of students from all walks of life. You’ll become lifelong buddies with some, and be thoroughly annoyed by others.

In this infographic, check out some of the types of students you may encounter in college! Some of the people you meet may fall into one category, or they could be a mix of different types. The next time you’re on campus, keep an eye out for these easily identifiable students!

15 Types of College Students - Infographic

Any of these seem familiar to you? Which of these do you think you fall into? Show this to your friends and get them to identify which type you belong to, and see how accurate they are!

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