Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1. Who is EduAdvisor?

EduAdvisor helps students find, compare and apply for colleges in Malaysia.

We consolidate, analyse and compare information on all the various courses available in Malaysia (A-Level, Australian Matriculation, Foundation Studies, Diploma, Degree, etc.) and present them to you in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner, so that you can make an informed decision about your college education.

#2. What does EduAdvisor do?

We provide free, up-to-date and independent comparisons for college courses in Malaysia. In addition, we also provide counselling services to help you find the course and college that is best suited for you, based on your needs and requirements.

#3. What kind of services does EduAdvisor provide?

Currently, our services can be categorised into these major categories:

Comparison Service:
Up-to-date information on courses and colleges are listed on EduAdvisor in table formats for easy comparison. These include key information, such as estimated tuition fees, scholarships, entry requirements and subjects offered. This helps you to easily compare crucial information between colleges in order to make an informed decision.

Enquiry, Counselling & Application Service:
All your enquiries and applications are meticulously processed by EduAdvisor’s counsellors, who will help to explain your options in detail and provide recommendations based on your needs and requirements. You can also apply to college using this service, which is absolutely FREE.

Educational Content:
Our Learning Centre provides educational content and resources to help shed some light and dispel common myths and misconceptions about courses and colleges. These include comprehensive guides, practical tips and visual infographics to help you on your journey.

#4. Do I have to pay to use EduAdvisor’s services?

All services on EduAdvisor are FREE. There are absolutely no hidden fees or charges involved, nor do we mark up college fees. Everything on our site is free, including our counselling services.

#5. How does EduAdvisor sustain itself?

We sustain our operations through various ways, including funds from investors, referral fees from colleges and revenues from advertisers. We do not charge you for using our services.

#6. What is the relationship between EduAdvisor and the colleges?

EduAdvisor connects students with colleges. We answer your questions, provide suggestions and recommendations, and line you up with colleges that offer the best and most suitable course for you. We are not an affiliated company of any college in Malaysia.

#7. How did EduAdvisor obtain my information / personal data?

The only way we obtain data is directly from you. If you receive an email, call or text from us, you may have made an enquiry or applied for a course or college on our website. We do not purchase or sell customer data.

#8. Is it safe to give my information to EduAdvisor?

All data submitted to EduAdvisor is processed by our internal team and viewed only by the colleges selected by you. We are compliant to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which states that we keep all information provided to us private and confidential. We are committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your data, and prevent them from any misuse. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

#9. Is EduAdvisor a legal business organisation in Malaysia?

Yes, EduAdvisor (Distinctive Education Advisor Sdn Bhd, 1122555-V) is a registered company and is governed by the laws of Malaysia.