Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (Honours)

Xiamen University Malaysia

Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Quick Facts


3 years


Full-time, On-campus


Feb, Apr, Sep

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Course Structure

Major Core Courses: 

  • Chinese Language 现代汉语
  • Introduction to Chinese History 中国文化导论
  • Introduction to Chinese Philosophy 中国历史导论
  • History of Chinese Literature Part One: Pre-Qin to Tang and Wudai 中国文学史1: 先秦至唐五代
  • History of Chinese Literature Part Two: Song to Qing Period 中国文学史2: 宋元明清
  • Introduction to Literary Theory 文学概论
  • Introduction to Linguistics 语言学概论
  • Classical Chinese 古代汉语
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature 中国现当代文学
  • Research Methods 研究方法论
  • Thesis 毕业论文
  • Introduction to Chinese Culture 中国文化导论
  • Prosperous Tang Dynasty: Politics and Society 大唐盛世: 政治与社会
  • Technology and Culture: Science Fiction, Video Games and Social Media 科技与文化: 科幻电影、游戏与社交媒体
  • Advanced Chinese: Enriching Vocabulary, Phonetics and Grammar 高级汉语(上)
  • Advanced Chinese: Upskilling Rhetoric, Reading and Writing 高级汉语(下)
  • Chinese Grammar 汉语语法
  • Chinese Characters 汉字学
  • Chinese Lexicology 汉语词汇
  • Korea Language and Culture 韩语与文化
  • Introduction to Global Mandarin 全球华语导论
  • Topics in Overseas Chinese 华人华侨专题
  • Critical Thinking 批判性思维
  • Selected Works of Classical Chinese Literature Part One 古代文选1
  • Selected Works of Classical Chinese Literature Part Two 古代文选2
  • Theory and Practice of Literary Criticism 文学批评理论与实践
  • Comparative Literature & Culture 比较文学与文化
  • History of Ancient Chinese Part One: From the Spring-Autumn to the Five Dynasties (770BC-960AD) 中国古代史(上)
  • History of Ancient China Part Two: From Song to Qing (960AD - 1912) 中国古代史(下)
  • Modern Chinese History (after 1912) 中国近现代史
  • History of Chinese Thoughts 中国思想史
  • Languages and Writings of the World 世界语言与文字
  • Chinese Dialectology 汉语方言学
  • Cross-Cultural Communication 跨文化交际
  • Introduction to International Politics 国际政治导论
  • Chinese Phonetics 汉语语音
  • Chinese Rhetoric 汉语修辞
  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics 社会语言学导论
  • Selected Topics on World Chinese Literature 世界华文文学专题
  • Topics of World Chinese Movie 世界华人华语电影专题
  • Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 对外汉语教学
  • Topics in Chinese Opera 中国戏曲专题
  • Topics in Modern Chinese Drama 中国戏剧专题
  • Selections of World Literature 世界文学名著选读
  • Classics in Chinese Philosophy 中国哲学原著
  • History of Chinese Political System 中国政治制度史
  • Chinese Urban History 中国城市史
  • Cultural Anthropology 文化人类学
  • Introduction to Applied Linguistics 应用语言学导论
  • International Relations of Southeast Asia since WWII 当代东南亚国际关系

Entry Requirements

  • STPM: A pass in STPM with at least a Grade C (GP 2.0) in any 2 subjects
  • A Level: A pass in A Level with at least a Grade D in any 2 subjects
  • UEC: A pass in UEC with at least a Grade B in 5 subjects
  • Foundation/Matriculation: A pass in Foundation/Matriculation with at least CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0
  • Diploma (in a relevant field): A pass in Diploma with at least CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0
  • Chinese Language: A credit in SPM or a Grade B6 in UEC or HSK Level 5 or the equivalent

Estimated Fees

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Tuition fees


Total payable amount


Other savings

Up to RM18,750

  • Scholarship
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