Diploma in Early Childhood Education

HELP University

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Quick Facts


2.3 years


Full-time, On-campus


Jan, May, Aug

Tuition Fees


Course Structure

Semester 1: 14 weeks (5 Subjects)

  • DECE1013 Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Settings
  • DECE1023 Social-Psychology of Child Studies
  • DECE1033 ICT and Multimedia
  • DECE1044 The Educators' English language
  • MQA/MPU1

Semester 2: 7 weeks (3 Subjects)

  • DECE1074 Language Arts in Early Childhood
  • DECE1084 Visual Arts Programme or
  • DECE 1094 Music Education Programme (Elective Major - Select 1)
  • MQA/MPU2

Semester 3: 14 weeks(5 Subjects)

  • DECE1054 Observation Study of Early Childhood Settings
  • DECE1134 Health and Nutrition
  • DECE1104 Mathematics and Science in Early Childhood
  • DECE1114 Social Studies and Environment in Early Childhood
  • DECE1144 Physical and Health Education

Semester 4: 14 weeks (5 Subjects)

  • DECE1124 English Language Across Early Childhood Curriculum
  • DECE2024 The Developing Child
  • DECE2034 The Developing Reader
  • DECE2154 Teaching Young Children BM
  • DECE2084 Observation and Assessment of Young Children

Semester 5: 7 weeks (1 Subject)

  • DECE 2014 8-Week Practicum in Nursery and Kindergarten

Semester 6: 14 weeks (5 Subjects)

  • DECE2103 Children and Play
  • DECE2074 Early Childhood Education: Review and Reflection of Teaching Practice
  • DECE2093 Development of Malaysian Education
  • DECE2113 Child Development
  • MQA/MPU3

Semester 7: 14 weeks (3 Subjects)

  • DECE3013 Psychology of Education
  • DECE3023 Sociology of Education
  • MQA/MPU4

Entry Requirements

    • At least 3 credits
  • Other equivalent qualification as approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)
  • Candidates without SPM or MCE have the following options with MQA approval:
    • SPM/MCE 2 credits and Teaching Experience 3 Years
    • SPM/MCE 1 credits and Teaching Experience 5 Years
  • Candidates without SPM or MCE have the following options with MQA approval:
    • Qualifying test on BM, English and Mathematics; i.e. the APEL Route created by MQA.2 credits AND Refer to MQA Current Status
  • Mature senior candidates with acceptable ECCE qualification, who fulfil the minimum requirements, are eligible to apply for advanced standing.

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