Law Scholarships in Malaysia

1) What is Law?

Law is the study of rules that state what we are allowed to do. These rules were designed to ensure everyone’s rights are protected and everyone can live peacefully.

Law degrees are generally 3 years long. However, to be able to practise law in Malaysia you’ll need to pass your CLP exam which is approximately 9 months long and another 9 months of internship because you are a qualified lawyer.

Besides that, studying Law is intellectually challenging and stimulating as every case is different. You’ll also be able to gain practical skill sets that allow you to apply in your everyday life such as interpreting contracts or legal documents with complex language.

2) What You Need To Know About Law Scholarships

  • Scholarships are usually offered by institutions providing the course
  • Most are merit-based with no interview required

3) List of Institutions & Scholarships for Law

Here is a comprehensive list of all the available Law scholarships offered by institutions, companies, GLCs and associations in Malaysia, and how you can apply for them.

Scholarships for Law are often provided by the institution itself. Besides that, some companies that offer this scholarship have a bond period you’ll need to serve after you graduate. Also, application deadlines are spread throughout the year.

Name of ScholarshipKey HighlightsDeadline
Bank Negara Malaysia Kijang Scholarships - Open to straight A+ SPM students only22-Mar-17
Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme - Open to students have a minimum of 8As in SPM
- Interview required
- Students will be bonded to the organisation upon graduation
HELP CEO Scholarship - Open to students who have actively participated in sports and extracurricular activities
Always Open
HELP Distinction Award - Open to newly enrolled studentsAlways Open
HELP Merit Award - Open to all students who resume their 2nd/3rd year in HELPAlways Open
HELP-Chinese Independent Schools Scholarship - Open to students who sat for UEC in 2015
Always Open
INTI Chairman Award - Open to Bumiputera citizens only
- Up to 20% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
INTI Leadership X-Cellence Scholarship - Open to students with who are active in extracurricular activities or have special talents
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
INTI Sport X-Cellence Scholarship - Open to students who participate in state or national level sporting events
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
INTI Tertiary Scholarship - Open to students with who are active in extracurricular activities or have special talents
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
INTI-Laureate Merit Scholarship - Up to 100% tuition fee waiverAlways Open
Kuok Foundation Berhad Scholarship - Up to RM27,000 study grant per annum
- Interview required
Taylor's University Talent & Leadership Scholarship- For students who have participated in competitions and are talented in music, art, theatre, etc.
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
- Interview is required
Taylor's University Community Scholarship- For students who require financial aid
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship - Interview required
- Minimum CGPA 3.50 to apply
University of Reading Malaysia High Achievers Scholarship - Up to 30% tuition fee waiver for 1st year students
- Merit scholarship with no interview required
Always Open
The Star Education Fund 2017- Must excel in extra-curricular activities
- Open to students below the age of 25
Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme- Open to students who want to pursue their studies at Universiti Teknologi Petronas or overseas
- Open to students with strong leadership skills and active in extra-curricular activities

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