Pre-University Scholarship Options in Malaysia

How can you get a scholarship in Malaysia?

There are many institutions in Malaysia that provide bursaries and scholarships to high performing students that can help ease the burden of college tuition fees.

The trick is knowing what scholarships are available, how you can apply, and most importantly, application deadlines.

Here are 3 main ways you can secure a scholarship for your Pre-University studies in Malaysia.

#1. Bursary from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)

What It Is

Managed by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), this scholarship is for SPM 2016 students who scored 9A+ and above. The scholarship is for pre-university studies and can be extended to degree studies at local Malaysian institutions only.

What You Need To Know

  • To be eligible for this scholarship, you must score 9A+ and above in SPM 2016
  • Only applicable for STPMMatrikulasiAsasi and Foundation at local private institutions
  • Applicants who meet the criteria set by JPA can choose to pursue their degree at public universities, private institutions or foreign universities with branch campuses in Malaysia
  • Sponsorship is in the form of convertible loan, where you will not be required to pay back the loan if you serve as a public servant upon graduation

Application Deadline

Apply online via the JPA’s website. Application is from 3 April 2017 to 22 May 2017. Results are tentatively set to be announced on 2 June 2017.

For other scholarships by JPA, check out our JPA Scholarships 2017 article.

#2. Scholarships from Companies

What It Is

Many government-linked companies (GLCs), private foundations and also companies in Malaysia offer scholarships to high performing students. These scholarships typically cover your tuition fees at universities, as well as allowance and accommodation.

What You Need To Know

  • Eligibility differs between institutions
  • Some institutions may offer scholarships for certain degree courses only
  • Most institutions will require you to attend an interview and / or submit a comprehensive application (which may include a personal essay), in addition to having good grades
  • Some institutions may also impose a scholarship bond, which requires you to work for the institution upon graduation

Application Deadline

Application typically opens as soon as SPM results are out, and may close as quickly as 7 days after results are released. Make sure you’re on the alert!

List of Institutions & Scholarships

The following is a list of some of the pre-university scholarships offered by various companies and institutions in Malaysia.

Name of ScholarshipStudy AreaKey HighlightsDeadline
Maybank Foundation Scholarship Award A-Level, SAM / AUSMAT, American Degree Transfer Program, International Baccalaureate, CPU, Actuarial Science, Accounting, Business, Psychology, Business, Law, Engineering- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
- Scholarship includes living allowances
- Willing to serve the Maybank for a specified period upon graduation
The Star Education Fund 2017A-Level, SAM / AUSMAT, FIA, FIS, FIB, Accounting, ACCA, Actuarial Science, Architecture, Business, Information Technology, Digital Animation, Early Childhood Education, Engineering, Hospitality & Event Management, Law, Mass Communication, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology- Must excel in extra-curricular activities
- Open to students below the age of 25
Petronas Education Sponsorship ProgrammeAccounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Law, Psychology- Open to students who want to pursue their studies at Universiti Teknologi Petronas or overseas
- Open to students with strong leadership skills and active in extra-curricular activities
Yayasan Sime Darby Pre-University Scholarship Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Sciences, Psychology- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
- Students are bonded to the organisation upon graduation
Bank Negara Malaysia Kijang Scholarships A-Level, SAM / AUSMAT, American Degree Transfer Program, Business, Computer Science, Law, Mathematics, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Information Technology- Open to straight A+ SPM students only22-Mar-17
Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme A-Level, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Information Technology, Communication, Psychology, Law, Engineering, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Hospitality & Event Management, Education, Sciences, Creative Multimedia, Arts, Culinary Arts- Minimum of 8As in SPM
- Interview required
- Students will be bonded upon graduation
MNRB Holdings Scholarship Actuarial Science, ACCA, Information Technology, Business- Up to RM10,000 tuition fee waiver
- Interview required
- Students will be bonded to the organisation upon graduation
UEM Group Overseas Scholarship Accounting, Business, Engineering, Quantity Surveying- Open to students who obtained minimum 7As
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
- Students are bonded to the organisation upon graduation
ASEAN Pre-University One Scholarship A-Level- Open to students looking to study in Singapore
- Interview required
Astro 2017 Scholarship Award Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Information Technology, Communication, Arts, Creative Communication, Law, Engineering- Willing to serve the Astro Group for a specified period upon graduation

#3. Scholarships from Colleges and Universities

What It Is

Most colleges and universities offer full and partial scholarships to students who achieve good results in their SPM / O-Level.

What You Need To Know

  • You need to be enrolled in the college / university in order to receive the scholarship
  • Some scholarships are academic-based, which means that you will automatically receive the scholarship without needing to go through any interviews
  • Most scholarships are in the form of tuition fee deduction (which means you will not get cash) and only cover tuition fees. You may need to pay for external examination fees, as well as other general college fees.

Application Deadline

As with the other scholarships, application typically opens as soon as SPM results are out.

List of Scholarships from Colleges & Universities

Here’s a list of scholarships offered by some of the tertiary education providers in Malaysia.

If you’re still unsure of what to study yet, check out our comprehensive course guides to decide on what to study!