7 Jun 2016

You Are Wrong If You Think Doctors Are the Only Ones Working in the Hospital [Infographic]

Numerous alarming reports have surfaced around the glut of medical graduates in Malaysia and the lengthy wait for mandatory housemanship practice.

Should have seen it coming right? Medicine, among other courses, has always been, and still is, the gold standard among students and parents alike.

Every year, thousands of students still flock into medical schools, locally and abroad, seeking for a highly-respected and noble career in medicine, regardless of such reports making the headlines.

It is crucial to note that the healthcare industry comprises of a wealth of diversity – not just those with a Medicine degree.

A health centre does not just operate with the presence of doctors or medical specialists alone. There are other personnel that allows a health institution to operate (as it should) and provide the all-round care that it vows to give to the community.

Let us bring you for a general tour (not literally) and see for yourself what sort of personnel are working in a hospital.

There you have it.

Although there is definitely a multitude of medical specialists in a healthcare institution, the number of non-medical personnel actually far outnumbers them. In fact, the number of nurses is actually more than double the number of doctors!

In short, it takes multiple roles and expertise to ensure that a hospital operates smoothly and is adequately prepared to provide aid to the community.

So if you’ve always envisioned yourself in the healthcare industry with the mission to help people, there are also plenty of other courses that you can consider aside from a Medicine Degree!

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