22 Dec 2016

What to Do after SPM? Here Are Some Suggestions.

SPM is over, finally! But, before you move on to your next stage of life, here are some things you can do first.

#1. Sleep as MUCH as you can – you will definitely need (and deserve) it after your long hours of cramming session


#2. Face one of your fears – whatever they are, overcome at least one of them. Better face it now than later.


#3. Learn how to cook from your mum – you will need it in university. You don’t want to be eating instant noodles everyday for your meals.


#4. Confess to your crush – you have nothing to lose, you might never see him/her again


#5. Make peace offering with someone you dislike from school – you will feel better after that, trust us!


#6. Go on a spontaneous road trip with your friends. You might not be friends again. At least, there are still memories left for you to remember them by.


#7. Go on a solo adventure. Pack your bags and get away to a random destination. You will be grateful for that alone time where you can discover yourself.


#8. Start a YouTube Channel and showcase your hidden mad skills to the world. Who knows? You could be the next star they are looking for.


#9. Start planning your future. Don’t follow what your parents or friends want you to do. Ask yourself what you really want and what is best for you.


#10. Join one of the coolest universities in Malaysia – Taylor’s University!


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