What Can You Do With a Foundation in Science? 10 Courses You Should Consider

Psychology, computer science and nutrition — what do all these fields have in common? They can all be accessed via Foundation in Science.

Updated 08 Aug 2022

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Do you enjoy experimenting, exploring and solving problems? Have you always found yourself leaning towards a career in science?

An integral part of human existence, the science field is vast and plentiful. So if you’re thinking of diving into the fascinating world of science and technology, then a Foundation in Science programme is perfect for you as it gives you a direct pathway to a wide range of degrees.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 degrees you can pursue simply by studying a Foundation in Science.

#1. Engineering


Engineering is about applying science and mathematics to solve problems and improve people’s lives.

A vast and crucial field, its influence extends to a variety of industries, resulting in an array of engineering disciplines ranging from chemical, civil and mechanical to mechatronics, biomedical and environmental engineering. Regardless of which discipline you choose, engineering is a great field to invest in given its consistent appearance in Malaysia’s Critical Occupations List.

A Foundation in Science — or a Foundation in Engineering — makes a great stepping stone to engineering as it gives you a good background in mathematics, physics and even programming, allowing you to ease in to your degree studies.


All engineering programmes at the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) will qualify you to be a Professional Engineer in Malaysia and a Chartered Engineer in the UK. In addition, UNM is also home to one of the UK’s top 10 chemical engineering departments. Learn more about it here.

#2. Biomedical science


With a strong background in biology and chemistry from a Foundation in Science, you’ll be well equipped to take on the dynamic world of biomedical science — a field that supports a large portion of modern healthcare.

True to its name, biomedical science is the study of the human body to develop new treatments and therapies for diseases and illnesses. Although biomedical science may not be at the frontlines of healthcare, the field is still important as its work in research and development complements a doctor’s work. Without it, the prevention and cure of diseases would be almost impossible.


Many of UNM’s biomedical science graduates now work in leading biomedical and biotechnology companies both locally in Malaysia and worldwide. The UNM’s biomedical science degree is a 3 years honours programme with an option to transfer to the UK for 1 year. Learn more about it here.

#3. Bioscience


If you’re a fan of biology and chemistry and love scientific experiments, you may find bioscience — the study of living organisms — a fascinating field of study.

Comprising fields such as biotechnology, biochemistry and food science, bioscience encompasses a large part of human innovation unlike any other. Vaccines and antibiotics (medical biotechnology) and pest-resistant crops (plant biotechnology) are just some examples of bioscience.

The field calls for a robust background in science, which is where a Foundation in Science comes in. Not only will you gain scientific knowledge, but you’ll also be exposed to practical experiments and lab sessions, all of which will be beneficial to you during your degree studies and beyond.


UNM’s bioscience programme is unique even among other bioscience programmes. At UNM, you can learn bioscience with specialisations in plant biotechnology and industrial biotechnology-embedded medical biotechnology. Click here to learn more.

#4. Pharmacy


Interested in the science behind the medication you consume? Then pharmacy, a field concerned with the science and technique of preparing and dispensing medication, is the programme for you.

Contrary to popular belief, the role of a pharmacist isn’t limited to handing out medication from behind the counter. There are compounding pharmacists who mix and compound medicine to create tailored products for patients. Hospital pharmacists collaborate with other healthcare professionals to advise medication regimens while industrial pharmacists work in clinical research, product development and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The study of pharmacy requires you to have a strong foundation in biology and chemistry. These two subjects are core components of the Foundation in Science programme, making it the perfect preparatory programme for anyone interested in the field.


UNM is the only university in Malaysia that allows students to go on to become a UK pharmacist. It’s also the only 2+2 MPharm programme in Malaysia that guarantees you the opportunity to study in the UK for 2 years. Learn more about it here.

#5. Medicine


Medicine is the science and practice of caring for patients. To become a doctor, you’ll need to go through a gruelling 5-year medical degree. It’s a long and arduous road, and you need to ensure that you are well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

A Foundation in Science can pave the road to success. With the qualification under your belt, you can be assured that you’ll be ready to handle the trials and tribulations of a medical degree. Additionally, the programme’s one-year duration will also speed up the process, making it an ideal programme for those who are racing against time.


There’s an alternate pathway to becoming a doctor aside from pursuing a medical degree. Through UNM’s Bachelor of Medical Science, you can apply for graduate entry to medicine via University of Nottingham UK’s Graduate Entry Medicine. Learn more here.

#6. Nutrition


Nutrition is about studying how the body digests and utilises nutrients infoodas well as the relationship between food, health and disease. A field that is primarily concerned with human health, its role is not to be underestimated.

To pursue a nutrition degree, it’s recommended that you have a strong base of knowledge in chemistry and biology, in addition to having general scientific andlaboratory skills. These are all covered by a Foundation in Science, making it the perfect programme to take prior to your pursuit of a nutrition degree.

Studying nutrition can open you to a variety of career opportunities such as working in wellness centres, sports and fitness centres, nutritional supplement companies and health food restaurants. There are also employment opportunities in the media and government agencies.


UNM’s nutrition graduates have gone on to secure jobs in top companies like Dutch Lady, Nestle Food, Unilever and many more. Join UNM and graduate with a UK-accredited nutrition degree now.

#7. Computer Science


Foundation in Science doesn’t only prepare you for careers in the healthcare field. A degree in computer science is open to you too.

As a field of the future, computer science is the study of computation, automation and information. It is a doorway to many in-demand jobs such as software developer, cybersecurity specialist, application programmer and network system engineer.

As computer science continues to grow rapidly, so too will its importance and influence in modern society. If you are looking for a field of study that is future-oriented, then this is the field for you.


Programming is an important skill in computer science. If you want to succeed in the field, you’ll need to have a strong foundation in computing and programming fundamentals. You can sharpen those skills and more with UNM’s Foundation in Science.

#8. Psychology


Psychology is concerned with human behaviour and mental processes. Specifically, it looks at how people think, feel, act and interact with themselves and others and how those observations can be used to improve one’s mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re interested in pursuing psychology, both Foundation in Science and Foundation in Arts can lead you there. However, a Foundation in Science can give you the edge due to its scientific nature, especially one that has biology and psychology modules incorporated into its programme.

As a psychology graduate, there is a variety of job prospects on the table. For starters, there is currently a severe lack of psychologists in Malaysia, particularly clinical psychologists. Additionally, the field is also useful in industries such as marketing, education, sales and many more. So if you’re looking for a versatile field with plenty of career opportunities, psychology is ideal.


UNM's Psychology Degree is accredited by the British Psychological Society, the main regulatory body for psychology in the UK. Study an accredited psychology programme at Nottingham here.

#9. Environmental science


A Foundation in Science can also open the doors to those with a passion for the environment.

Environmental science is the study of the interactions between the natural environment and living organisms. An important field of study in its own right, its significance has grown immensely as of late due to the growing threat of environmental problems and climate issues.

Graduating with an environmental science degree can lead you to a career as an environmental scientist, nature conservation officer and many more. If you’re someone who has always been passionate about saving the earth, then this is the field for you.


Fieldwork is everything in this degree. To prepare you for the industry, UNM offers residential field courses for you to study terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems in some of the most incredible tropical locations and rainforests of the world. Find out more here.

#10. Mathematical Sciences


A Foundation in Science isn't just about science. A good Foundation in Science programme also has plenty of subject material in statistics and mathematics, which can lead you to degrees such as mathematics and actuarial science.

Concerned with mathematics and how it can be used in statistics and data science, the mathematical sciences field of study plays an important role in many critical industries including engineering, computing and even business.

So, it comes as no surprise then that the field is considered a critical field. Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians are regularly featured in Malaysia’s Critical Occupations List, indicating that there are plenty of opportunities for a graduate in this field.


Want to stay relevant in the ever-changing career landscape? Go for the field of data science and management with UNM's BSc Mathematics and Data Science and BSc Mathematics and Management. Learn more about it here.

Why Study Foundation in Science at Nottingham Malaysia


In architecture, a strong foundation is essential when it comes to a building. The same can be said for you. No matter which of these fields you’re interested in, building a strong base should come first.Whether you want to be a doctor or save the environment, make sure to take the right first step with a Foundation in Science.

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