8 Ways to Study Even When You're Tired and Sleepy

Feeling tired but need to study for an important exam tomorrow? Here are 8 sure-fire ways to study when you're tired and sleepy.

Published 15 Aug 2019

8 Ways to Study Even When You're Tired and Sleepy - Feature-Image

You're feeling sleepy... very sleepy... However, you really need to study for an important exam the next day, so you have no choice but to overcome your tiredness ⁠— and study as much as you can.

But how do you prop your eyelids open in order to load as much information into your sleepy self? Check out these 8 sure-fire ways to study when you're tired and sleepy!

#1. Tackle the easier things first

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Tackle easiest one

Some may claim it's better to begin a study session with a difficult topic so you'll get it done sooner. While this hack may work wonders — when you're wide awake and alert — it’s not a good idea when you're tired but still need to study.

The solution? Start studying easier subjects or chapters first! Getting into the mood to study can be hard (regardless if you’re tired or not); so, by working on something easy, you trick your brain into getting started. The satisfaction of completing a topic will also boost your mood and encourage you to continue studying, despite feeling tired to the bone.

#2. Chew gum

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Chew gum

Make your strips of chewing gum do double duty by providing you with fresh, minty breath and increased alertness while you're hitting the books.

A recent experiment proved that those who chewed gum while studying reported a spike in attention paid towards work as well as a reduction in stress. It's definitely worth keeping your mouth busy chewing gum while you study.

#3. Drink plenty of water

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Drink plenty of water

Instead of reaching for your hundredth cup of coffee in the dead of the night while you sleepily stare at your notes, ditch the caffeine for good old water. Yes, H20 proves to be the nectar of the gods when you're trying to battle tiredness.

How? Researchers discovered just a tiny reduction of total body water can affect your mood and thinking, particularly with tasks that require concentration and processing. So, glug on and never get dehydrated if you care about your grades.

#4. Get some brief exercise

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Get some brief exercise

Don’t worry, we don't mean a full-on workout in the middle of your intense study session. These simple exercises are merely to keep your eyelids open and your heart thumping — so, get exercising!

Try jumping jacks, chair squats or wall sitting. Just remember to do these for a short while only as getting up too often might make you procrastinate and get distracted from your studying.

#5. Set study goals

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Set study goals

It's hard to be organised and think straight when you're feeling tired, but a good study plan helps you to keep track of your revision. Remember to be realistic and set goals which can be accomplished.

So, instead of having lofty dreams of studying 10 chapters of each subject you have an exam for, think small and doable. However, don't take this as an invitation to do too little. Work hard and pay attention to how long each session is taking you, so you can adjust accordingly.

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#6. Avoid distractions

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Avoid distractions

You'll need every ounce of attention you have to focus on your studying, so don't waste it on distractions! When you're feeling tired, it's easy to succumb to an action-packed game on your phone to "wake you up".

Sure, the game may have given you a slight buzz, but you've wasted precious time that could've been spent reading your study materials. Put your phone on silent mode and stop yourself from using it when the urge comes up. Your studies require your 100% attention!

#7. Chomp on nuts

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Chomp on nuts

For an easy-to-eat snack that's yummy and beneficial, you can't go wrong with nuts. Since you're running low on brain fuel, chomp on walnuts, the champ of nuts.

The synergy between the antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts increases brain power and boosts mental alertness. This should hopefully translate to a more productive study sesh thanks to the walnuts' vitamin E that helps improve your working memory!

#8. Watch something that scares you

Ways to Study while Sleepy-Watch something that scares you

Let's be frank; this one-off study session is really important even though you're feeling tired, so you can afford to pull an all-nighter. To stop yourself from nodding off, stay awake for longer by scaring yourself with these creepy videos.

From lingering shots in an abandoned building to a real-life incident of a masked unknown hijacking a news broadcast to dance a spooky jig, these videos will definitely keep you wide awake.

We hope these tips will come in handy, particularly when you’re feeling tired, as you power through the night in order to score the best you can for the exam the next day. Keep going by thinking of your future!

Need more ideas for study breaks? These energising methods will help you out.

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