3 Ways to Obtain an Australian Degree Right Here in Malaysia

Always wanted an Australian degree? Here are 3 ways you can obtain it in Malaysia!

Published 19 Jun 2018

3 Ways to Obtain an Australian Degree in Malaysia - Feature-Image

Australia has long been a popular study destination for both Malaysians and international students as it is home to some of the top universities in the world. Not only that, it is also the 3rd most popular destination for international students. However, with the escalating cost of living and fluctuating exchange rates, we know how expensive it can be to study in the Land Down Under.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to get an Australian degree right here in Malaysia?

If you’re curious to know more, here’s how you can pursue an Australian tertiary education on home ground and realise your dreams!

#1. Study at Australian branch campuses in Malaysia

Ways to Graduate with an Australian Degree in Malaysia-Study At An Australian Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Branch campuses, sometimes known as foreign campuses or satellite campuses, are when foreign universities establish campuses in Malaysia.

Branch campuses generally offer the same programmes as the ones at their “home” campus, with equal academic standards. Therefore, you can be assured that you will experience the same subjects and course syllabus as your Australian peers abroad, with occasional guest lecturers visiting from abroad to enhance your learning experience. Your graduation certificate will also usually be identical to the ones at the main campus.

Additionally, if you still have your heart set on journeying to another country, these universities often have a variety of study abroad options, such as student transfer (transferring to the Australian campus for 1-2 years) and semester exchange (studying abroad for 1-2 semesters).

At present, these Australian institutions have branch campuses in Malaysia:

#2. Take a 3+0 Australian degree programme at Malaysian colleges

Ways to Graduate with an Australian Degree in Malaysia-Take 3+0 Australian Degree Programme at Malaysian College

Besides that, some of our local colleges also offer 3+0 Australian degree programmes.

3+0 degree programmes are when Malaysian colleges are given the authority to teach degree courses on behalf of another university. The programmes are often from more renowned universities abroad, allowing you to complete an overseas degree locally.

Similar to branch campuses, your course syllabus will be the same as the main university. However, this option does not provide as much flexibility when it comes to transferring to Australia, as most require you to complete your full duration of studies in Malaysia. Nonetheless, it is still a good way to gain an Australian degree at a fraction of the cost.

Some institutions offering 3+0 Australian degree programmes include:

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#3. Transfer from a Malaysian university that has partnerships with Australian universities

Ways to Graduate with an Australian Degree in Malaysia-Transfer From a Malaysian University That Has Partnership With Australian Universities

Many Malaysian universities have strong partnerships with Australian universities, where you can first start your degree locally and subsequently complete your degree with an Australian partner university.

Depending on the partnership agreements, you can spend 1-2 years studying in Malaysia before transferring to an Australian university. This option spreads your study duration between Malaysia and Australia, thus saving you money while providing you with the opportunity to experience life abroad.

Compared to the other 2 options where the institution has been predetermined from the get-go, this gives you the flexibility to choose between a number of partner universities. Consequently, your degree will be awarded by the institution that you choose.

A word of caution — if you do not end up transferring abroad to an Australian university due to financial constraints or missing the entry requirements, you will be graduating with a Malaysian university degree instead.

Notable universities that have such partnerships include:


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And there you have it — 3 ways to get an Australian degree on home ground! While there may be some prestige in having an Australian degree on your resume, it shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding on a suitable institution to further your studies. You should also look into factors such as fees, location, budget, as well as other university qualities such as teaching, learning and research capabilities.

Thinking of pursuing an Australian degree? Here are 5 reasons why getting it in Malaysia will be the best decision you will ever make!

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