Want to Study in Germany? Here's Why MCKL's A-Level Is the Perfect Choice for You

Want to be as efficient as the Germans? MCKL’s A-Level with German pathway can propel your future to study in Germany!

Updated 27 Dec 2019

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Guten Tag. Danke. Bitte Schön. Auf Wiedersehen.

Are you thinking of studying in one of the world’s most efficient nation — Germany? With minimal tuition fees at their public universities, opportunities to work part-time while studying and affordable living cost compared to the other European states, it’s no wonder that Germany is a top study destination for many students globally.

But, there’s a catch — the medium of instruction at the universities is mostly in German. Therefore, all foreign students must meet the German language requirements of the universities. To fulfil this, students often complete 1 year of full-time German language studies after finishing their A Level.

Why Study Cambridge A Level (Pathway to Germany) at MCKL

If you’re keen on accelerating your pathway to Germany, this is where Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) comes to the rescue!

At MCKL’s Cambridge A Level (Pathway to Germany) programme, you’ll be studying 4 subjects including German at the same time. So, upon finishing the A Level programme, you’ll only have to complete another 6 months of German classes. Talk about efficiency!

That’s not all. Thanks to MCKL's collaboration with German Educare, you’ll be guided on visa and university applications for a smooth transition to further your studies in Germany. Once you have completed the A Level programme, the MCKL University Placement unit and German Educare will assist you with qualification checks, advanced language lessons, university and visa applications and other necessary arrangements for your transition.

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