Thinking of Pursuing Dentistry? Here’s Why Foundation in Science Is the Better Pathway

From cost to a more focused curriculum, there are plenty of reasons why Foundation in Science is a great choice if you want to pursue dentistry.

Published 13 Apr 2022

Thinking of Pursuing Dentistry? Here’s Why Foundation in Science Is the Better Pathway - Feature-Image

If you’re planning to pursue Dentistry, there are plenty of pre-university programmes that allow you to progress to a dental degree.

While there are pros and cons for every programme, we’re here to argue why a Foundation in Science trumps all other pathways, especially one that’s offered at a specialised health science institution.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a Foundation in Science for your dentistry degree.

#1. Foundation in Science has a focused curriculum offering dentistry subjects as electives

Unlike pre-university programmes (e.g. A Levels, SACEi, AUSMAT, STPM) that offer general subjects such as chemistry, biology and mathematics, foundation programmes tend to be focused and tailored to your study area.

In fact, some Foundation in Science programmes, especially at specialised health science universities, offer modules that are directly related to the degree that you intend to study. Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM), for instance, offers Oral Biology as one of its modules in Foundation in Science, together with Basic Human Anatomy.

Learning these subjects at such an early stage will give you good fundamental knowledge, allowing you to transition smoothly to a dental degree. This is a privilege only a Foundation in Science student has that others don’t!

#2. It’s cheaper compared to other programmes

Whether money is a concern for you or not, it’s always worth shortlisting Foundation in Science as one of your top choices as the programme is generally cheaper than other pre-university courses.

Not only that, most universities offer generous scholarships for their foundation programmes compared to courses such as A Levels and Australian Matriculation. You could even get a discount if you progress from foundation to degree at the same university.

Let’s face it — with a 5-year study duration, the cost of studying dentistry can amount to quite a bit. So if you can save some money from the start, why not?


MUCM offers 100% scholarship for Foundation in Science if you have SPM 5As including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, and another subject. Not only that but there’s also a Progression Bursary too! Chat with us to learn more. 

#3. You can take advantage of your knowledge from Foundation in Science by working in dental clinics during wait times

Most universities do not offer intakes for dentistry degrees all year round. In fact, you may have to wait for up to a year before you can enrol into dental school.

With a Foundation in Science at hand, you’ll be able to make use of wait times by taking up an attachment at dental clinics. Armed with good foundational knowledge (e.g. Oral Biology, Human Anatomy), you’ll be able to appreciate clinic observations better. Plus, having first-hand experience in the field can help you tackle your studies better during your degree.


As one of the oldest dental schools in Malaysia, MUCM has a strong network of alumni with over 10,000 graduates in the Malaysian healthcare centre. By studying at MUCM, you can get access to MUCM’s alumni who can get you attachments at their dental clinics. Chat with us to learn more. 

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#4. You will be guaranteed a place for your dentistry degree

With limited spots at dental schools, it can be nerve-wracking to be applying to several universities, only to find out that the seats are full.

By opting for a Foundation in Science, you’ll be assured of a spot in the dental programme at the same university, as long as you meet the academic grades. This is because admission officers are confident that you’re academically prepared for your dental degree and have a good grasp of the subject, given that the foundation programme is designed by the university itself.

So if you already have your eyes set on a particular dental school, it’s a good choice to pick Foundation in Science.

There you have it! We hope that these reasons are enough to convince you to kickstart your journey to be a dentist with a Foundation in Science.

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