Taylor’s Students Team Up to Build Learning Nest for Children of B40 Families

Taylor’s University recently built a conducive learning nest for 12 underprivileged students in Lembah Subang. Find out more here.

Updated 24 Dec 2019

Taylor’s Students Build Learning Nest for the Underprivileged - Feature-Image

The holiday season is a time of giving — and that’s exactly what a team of Taylor’s University students set out to do by creating a conducive study space for underprivileged students within the comfort of their own homes. Twelve lucky schoolgoers from B40 families in Lembah Subang 2 were gifted with a new cozy learning space called ‘The Nest’  — a fresh and stimulating study environment specially designed to empower learning.

The project, which began in 2018 as a means to boost the learning experiences of children in low-cost units, was established in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) and supported by the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA).

Taylors University- Learning Nest for Children of B40 Families-01

With a budget of RM 500 per house, they challenged themselves to create a vibrant space to inspire student learning as many of them lacked a space to call their own. “We wanted to address this issue by creating a space that can increase their interest and motivation to study,” said Dr Camelia May Li Kusumo, Senior Lecturer of School of Architecture, Building and Design of Taylor’s University.

“We focused on learning spaces because it is our responsibility to create a conducive and safe environment for children to study - this was how The Nest was born. We chose the word ‘nest’ because it has a beautiful meaning to it - the nest is a place for nurture and shelter for the nestlings and is a comfortable and safe space where learning takes place. We hope the second instalment will follow the success of the first project in Port Klang,” said Ms Hema Letchamanan, a Taylor’s University lecturer.

Taylors University- Learning Nest for Children of B40 Families-02

The project also saw students from the School of Media and Communications (ProPassion) put together an exhibition to promote the importance of having a conducive learning space in every house, in hopes to encourage interested residents to participate in their future projects.

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