9 Perfect Jobs for Introverts

Wondering what career is in store for you when you graduate as a high-flying introvert armed with a degree? Read on to find out the many jobs you can take on as an introvert.

Updated 24 May 2019

9 Perfect Jobs for Introverts - Feature-Image

Wondering what career is in store for you when you graduate as a high-flying introvert armed with a degree? Read on to find out the many jobs you can take on as someone who enjoys being independent and having lots of private space.

#1. Actuary

Jobs for Introverts-Actuary

Are you painfully shy and introverted as well? If you have an affinity for mathematics and problem-solving, pursuing a career in the field of actuarial science is a shy introvert’s dream come true.

Why? You’ll be working with lots of numbers as an actuary, so your daily working life will be awash in digits. Socialising is minimal in the field of actuarial science, as poring over risk assessment and statistical analysis on your computer screen will keep you occupied. However, you can’t really escape minor human interaction as your managers and colleagues will still be around.

#2. Software developer

Jobs for Introverts-Software developer

For behind-the-scenes access to the development of successful computer programmes and applications used by millions around the globe, take on the role of a software developer.

Introverts who are game for a smidge of socialising will revel in the field of computer science as teamwork is required to carry out accurate research on potential software as well as to design, code, test and debug the software modules. However, you'll also be given your much-needed solitary time to build intricate interfaces and analyse any issues that may arise.

#3. Medical lab technologist

Jobs for Introverts-Medical lab technologist Version 2

If you're fascinated with everything about the medical field, but the thought of making a living as a doctor makes you squirm and you'd rather huddle in a cave than treat patients, don’t worry there’s still hope.

Have no fear; roll up your sleeves and become a medical laboratory technician instead. Your job scope will see you performing duties such as testing tissue, blood or bodily fluids for possible disease, reporting any equipment fault and ensuring quality assurance procedures are carried out for all tests to avoid any mistakes. No discussing ailments with patients at all, promise.

#4. Engineer

Jobs for Introverts-Engineer

Engineering is popular among introverts as it requires deep concentration, lots of solo work and minimal social interaction. So if you’re great at using math and science to solve problems, this may just be the field for you.

There are plenty of different types of jobs to choose from in the field of engineering as there are many different facets to it. Whether you choose to pursue a job in chemical, electrical or civil engineering, this field will hone your ability to think logically and work hard to produce excellent results.

#5. Film and video editor

Jobs for Introverts-Film and video editor

Starry-eyed about the film industry? Your introvert self will be pleased to know that you can still be part of the magic, albeit a more behind-the-scenes one.

As a film or video editor, your prowess in video-editing software is essential. Those with a penchant for glamour aren't fans of editing, but as an introvert, you’re more likely to enjoy quietly concentrating on editing the raw footage of movies or other videos and putting your own creative touches on the projects you’re working on. Plus, you'll either be working alone or in a small group — just how you like it.

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#6. Paralegal

Jobs for Introverts-Paralegal

So you want to be a legal eagle and have your profession grounded in the world of law, but your wallflower tendencies mean a career as a barrister who pleads cases for clients in court is out of the picture.

Be a paralegal instead; you don’t need to argue cases in court. Instead, you'll be helping lawyers prepare for trials or hearings by conducting legal research and drafting required documents. Expect to clock in more than a thousand hours researching the facts of a case, identifying appropriate laws, analysing information and writing reports that the attorney will use to determine how the case should be handled.

#7. Counsellor

Jobs for Introverts-Counsellor

As one of the key traits of an introvert is being a good listener, pursuing a career as a counsellor makes perfect sense. Although it involves devoting your time to people, it doesn’t require you to sit and interact with a large group of people (which is bound to drain your energy).

Instead, you can have intimate one-on-one sessions with people and give them guidance depending on what you have specialised in e.g. education, relationships or student welfare. You'll be doing a lot of thoughtful listening, deep thinking and giving well-measured and effective counselling, so your introvert self will find this a meaningful life calling.

#8. Social media manager

Jobs for Introverts-Social media manager

With the word 'social' right there in the job title, you'll be surprised to know that a social media manager doesn't require an extroverted personality. In other words, good news for introverts interested in the social media landscape!

Trawling the internet for relevant content will be your key task, coupled with community management where you engage with users and customers. You'll also be sharing things on social media and doing a fair bit of social listening where you identify and assess what's being said about your company online.

#9. Architect

Jobs for Introverts-Architect

Pencilling in the final stroke of your sketch, you look at your notebook and like what you see: a drawing of a magnificent building. It's your dream to be an architect, but you aren't sure if your quiet nature fits the bill.

It does, don't worry. While you have to work closely with engineers and contractors to make sure construction adheres to your drawings and specifications, the other half of your work will be spent working alone on your ideas and designs for building structures, office spaces, homes and more.

And there you have it, 9 jobs you can do as an introvert. These rewarding careers will definitely suit your quiet, more reserved nature while guaranteeing much success. All the best!

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