Open the Doors to World-Renowned Universities With This College’s Cambridge A Level Programme

Looking to further your studies with a prestigious pre-university programme? Find out why the Taylor’s Cambridge A Level should be on your list.

Updated 13 Nov 2018

Open the Doors to World-Renowned Universities with This College’s Cambridge A Level Programme - Feature-Image
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So you’ve accomplished the first stage of your life — completing secondary school. Now, you’re ready for bigger and better things!

If you want to stay on top, the Cambridge A Level programme will cater to high-achievers with big, bold dreams. Read on to find out how studying A Level at Taylor’s College can help you reach for the skies and achieve those lofty ambitions!

#1. A prestigious programme unlike any other

Taylors College Cambridge A-level-Prestigious Programme Version 2

With 49 years of academic experience, Taylor’s College has established themselves as one of the top pre-university colleges in Malaysia. The Cambridge A Level programme is one of the premier college’s top offerings, a prestigious course from the UK that equips students with a deep understanding of the subjects they learn.

The programme is a 100% exam-based assessment that’s divided into 2 stages (AS Level and A2 Level), where you will take exams at the end of each level. The fact that it’s 100% exams may trigger nightmares of SPM but it’s the reason why A Level is considered the “gold standard” of pre-university courses — the in-depth nature of the syllabus is what sets this programme apart.

And whether you’re into sciences or the arts, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Taylor’s College as they have a wide range of subjects to choose from — 13 in total, including Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology and even Sociology!

Eager to get started? Their intakes are January, March and August.

#2. Gain admission to top universities around the world

Taylors College Cambridge A-level-Gain Admission To Global Universities

Do you harbour dreams of jet-setting to another country for your degree? Want to read at one of the top 200 universities in the world, such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford or Imperial College London?

Thanks to the University Placement Service at Taylor’s College, you can easily realise your dreams of studying abroad without dreading the application process. This handy one-stop service helps you get placed into the university of your choice, where you can enjoy personalised assistance with university applications, interview prep and even visa applications.

The Taylor’s University Placement Service has placed countless of graduates in top universities around the globe, including University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, so you can be assured that you are in good hands!

Don’t just take our word for it though. Alicia Leong Kar Yan, who is currently pursuing Engineering Science at the University of Oxford speaks highly of the placement service:

I recommend that students start off early with their applications. Visit the Placement Centre. They will help you with your personal statement, give mock interviews and give you feedback. I have to say that Taylor’s has a very good placement centre compared to other universities.

Amir Irfan Mohamad Hishammudin, another student from the CAL programme who secured a place in Brown University, a US Ivy League University, said that the process of applying for universities was a lot smoother thanks to the experienced UPS personnel.

They helped translate all required documents during application season and were always there to point out mistakes in my application.

Taylors-College-CAL-Amir Irfan Amir Irfan (centre), former Cambridge A Level student currently in Brown University, USA[/caption]

Although he was enrolled in a UK-based pre-university programme, he was still able to gain acceptance into a top university in the USA thanks to his active extra-curricular activities record.

Universities in the US are looking for people who are just as involved in extracurricular activities as they are in their studies. The tips on time management that I picked up while at Taylor’s College allowed me to be actively involved in activities both inside and outside the classroom. It is precisely for that balanced approach that I was able to get into Brown.

#3. It’s not just book-learning — you’ll get to explore through practical experiences

Taylors College Cambridge A-level-Practical Experience

Theory is when you know everything and nothing works. Practice is when everything works and nobody knows why.

It’s no surprise that both theoretical and practical knowledge are important, so you’ll be glad to know that Taylor’s Cambridge A Level provides you with practical exposure through various stimulating activities. This means you won’t just be burying your heads in textbooks but you’ll also glean invaluable insights through pursuits outside the classroom.

For starters, you’ll find Taylor’s College students competing at science competitions such as the recent IMU Science Discovery 2018 Challenge, where they bagged the “Best Biology Award” and “Best Chemistry Award”. Competitions like these are the perfect way to help you increase your understanding of life sciences in a hands-on way.

Vythilingam Siva Shanmugam, a successful applicant to the University of Cambridge, was able to nurture his love for sciences by participating in competitions. He says:

Mr Lai, my Math teacher and Ms Kwek, my Chemistry teacher, always encouraged me to participate in competitions to get wider exposure to the subjects. I really owe my success to them. Mr Hari was also instrumental in helping me achieve my dream university as he advised me on how to go about my effort.

Other activities include the Taylor’s College Lifelong Learning Workshop that instils a spirit of camaraderie and exposes you to the soft skills required to be successful in college.

With all these in store for you, rest assured that you’ll unlock your ability to go above and beyond!

#4. Study in an environment of high-achievers

Taylors College Cambridge A-level-Study In A Competitive Environment

Heard of the saying birds of a feather flock together?

Well, there’s a reason why many high-achievers prefer to enrol in Taylor’s College — it offers a conducive and vibrant environment where you’ll definitely be able to reach for the stars, or in this case, the As.

The proof is in the numbers. Since 2010, Taylor’s College has seen 9,430 graduates in more than 300 universities across the world. The institution also has 3,061 students scoring 3As and above for A Level — the highest in Malaysia. In total, students have achieved a whopping 13,286 As from 2012 to 2017. Talk about high-achieving individuals!

#5. Take your pick from a range of scholarships

Taylors College Cambridge A-level Version 2- A Range Of Scholarships

If you’ve worked your fingers to the bone to score well in school, make the most of your effort by trading your As for the Taylor’s College Merit Scholarship. This illustrious award offers up to 100% tuition fee waiver for all SPM and IGCSE students.

But if you’re more skilled in other areas such as music, drama, sports or social advocacy, you can aim for the Taylor’s College Talent Scholarship 

Looking for even more options? There’s also the Taylor’s Excellence Award where you can score up to RM15,000 tuition fee waiver based on the number of As you achieve for your SPM results.

With all these golden opportunities, there’s just so many ways you can get top quality yet affordable education at Taylor’s College.

Kick-starting your tertiary life may be tough if you haven’t the slightest idea on where to begin. However, with quality education like the Taylor’s Cambridge A Level, you can be sure that you’re on the right track to success.

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