How A Level Will Challenge You to Be Incredible

How hard is studying for A Levels? Read here for a realistic picture of this notorious but highly sought-after programme.

Updated 01 May 2022

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If you’re scouting for a pre-university programme, you would have definitely heard of the prestigious Cambridge A Level — and of course, its notoriety.

Deemed as the ‘gold standard’ of pre-university qualifications, the programme is known for its immense level of difficulty. Yet, year after year, thousands of students from over 130 countries flock to battle the exams, and only the tough survive.

So why would someone put themselves through such a challenge? Believe it or not, adversity is the fuel of greatness. Here's how A Level can help you achieve your biggest and boldest dreams.

#1. The subject material is really hard

Taylors A Level-Difficult Subject Materials

Due to its in-depth syllabus, the Cambridge A Level will have you dive oceans deep for each of your chosen subject, demanding you to put in twice the effort compared to SPM. Moreover, the subjects also get increasingly difficult as you progress each semester, so you'll need a strong foundation in the earlier chapters.

But… all your hard work will pay off eventually

All that toiling will come to fruition as you’ll be more than prepared for university. As the study material from A Level is very comprehensive and provides you with a strong foundation, many students feel that A Level has eased them into their first year of university, which is a plus point for you! As they say, no pain, no gain.


At Taylor's College, you won't have to go through this strenuous process alone! You'll be guided by a faculty of qualified and experienced teachers who are there to ensure you get the best learning experience throughout your A Level. From examination tips to frequent consultation, rest assured you'll have all the confidence you need to stride your way into the examination halls!

#2. The 100% exams system is stressful

Taylors A Level-100 Percent Exams Is A Torture

You probably know that A Level consists of 2 major parts — the Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) that makes up the first half of the syllabus and the A2 Level which constitutes the second half of the programme. Your final grades will be based on the two sole exams that you'll take at AS and A2 Level. In other words, it's bad news if you do poorly in the exams.

But… this means plenty of time to master your study material

Yes, exams are the bane of existence for many. And while you may feel like you're putting all your eggs in one basket, the A Level programme is usually 18 – 24 months long. This means you'll have ample time to hit the books and prepare for the exams as long as you’re consistent in your studies. For those who take a while to grasp their study material, A Level is the perfect choice as you won't be thrown coursework and assignments from the get-go.


Taylor’s College has consistently produced high achievers in A Level with over 3,000 students scoring 3As or more since 2012. Click here to learn more.

#3. You can’t afford to slack

Taylors A Level-Cant afford to slack 02

Speak to anyone who has taken A Level and they'll tell you that there's no time to slack. While there's no assignments to submit or group projects to work on, be prepared for many gruelling and intense hours of lectures due to the sheer volume of material that you'll have to cover. After all, the entire A Level syllabus is easily three times of that as SPM. Studying for A Level means you have to bring your A game to college — every day.

But... this will improve your time management skills

We're not going to lie, A Level takes effort and lots of hard work, but it is by no means Mount Everest. Top A Level students have cited consistent revision as one of the secrets to success. So get organised, plan your revision ahead and you'll have no reason to panic. Once this is all done and dusted, you'll find that you're a whizz at managing time and staying focussed — skills that are useful for university and beyond!

#4. You’ll be racking your brains — a lot

Taylors A Level-You will rack your brain alot

If you think you can survive A Levels by relying on the power of memory, think again. Studying for A Levels is the exact opposite of studying for your SPM where you may have depended on memorising and regurgitating to score good grades. A Level can be a tough nut to crack as it is designed to test your ability to think critically. Hence, you need to master your subjects and apply the concepts that you've learnt in your exams — or you’ll end up with less than desirable grades.

But... this will sharpen your critical thinking

Even if you don't end up pursuing a degree that's directly related to your A Level subjects, don't think that the studying is all for nought. Applying concepts to problems are great exercises for your brain and will help to sharpen your critical thinking and logical reasoning, which are crucial as you embark on your degree. You’ll come out the other side of the tunnel stronger and thankful for the tough training A Level has put you through!


Taylor’s College has placed countless graduates in top universities around the globe, including University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. Learn more here.

Although studying for A Level is no easy feat, those who persevere will find the hard work and experience extremely rewarding. Believe it or not, there's something immensely satisfying about coming out the other side victorious. So, go forth and take up the challenge!

Convinced that A Level will push you to be incredible?

Taylors A Level-Why Studay At Taylors

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