5 Jobs You Can Do as a Multimedia Design Graduate

Eager to pursue a career in multimedia design but unsure of what jobs this field will offer? Here are 5 jobs you can do with a Degree in Multimedia Design.

Updated 10 May 2022

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Swirling with ideas on how you can create a masterpiece using the latest computer software? Constantly being told you have a gift for designing graphics and editing videos? Well then, it seems like you’re all set to immerse yourself in the creative world of multimedia design!

But before you pursue a Degree in Multimedia Design, it’s good to know what your career options would be. In this article, we reveal 5 of the most popular jobs that multimedia design graduates can choose from. Here we go!

#1. Multimedia designer

Multimedia Design Jobs-Multimedia Designer V2

Multimedia designers wear many hats as they combine video, animation, artwork and even audio into their work. Also called new media designers, they use their technical skills to produce a range of creative works such as viral videos, movies, attractive commercials and even presentations.

If you want to be a multimedia designer who dabbles in a little bit of everything, you would most likely work for companies that require multi-skilled designers. This includes advertising agencies, digital agencies and brands who want to promote their products and services.

To cater to their needs, you will need to have advance knowledge of a range of design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro) and Apple Final Cut Pro. You may also need to be able to code in HTML and CSS.

As a multimedia designer, you will largely be required to create a variety of multimedia products. Some of your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • Creating engaging graphics for both online and print, such as websites, social media, product packaging, buntings and posters
  • Developing videos, including animation and motion graphics, for websites and social media
  • Working with other specialists (e.g. copywriters, software programmers, marketing executives) to conceptualise and create multimedia products

#2. Graphic designer

Multimedia Design Jobs-Graphic Designer

All words and no pictures make for dull stuff — except for novels (they’re the fantastic beasts of the reading world). Graphic designers are specialists in the realm of multimedia design and have a flair for creating images and artwork for websites, magazines, posters, brochures and articles (like the one you’re reading right now). These graphics enhance products by communicating the desired message more clearly.

As a graphic designer, you'll need to visualise concepts and explain them to clients or an editorial team. Being able to think out of the box is part and parcel of the job, as you'll be constantly coming up with themes, concepts and layouts.

It goes without saying that skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are a must to be a graphic designer!

Some of your daily tasks may include:

  • Creating and producing design concepts
  • Understanding a project's message to ensure the visuals complement it
  • Working collaboratively in a team of specialists (e.g. copywriters, photographers, multimedia designers, marketing executives)
  • Delivering artwork according to specified timelines
  • Keeping up with the latest graphic design trends

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#3. Web designer

Multimedia Design Jobs-Web Designer

Multimedia design graduates who specialise in this field will need to be creative and tech savvy as they will be responsible for conceptualising, creating and coding layout designs for websites.

As a web designer, you will need to implement fluid, dynamic and responsive designs for the web so that the website’s audience can better understand the information you are conveying to them.

Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and JavaScript is often crucial, while knowledge of programming syntax such as PHP will give you an advantage.

In this line of work, you could be involved in:

  • Conceptualising and designing mockups for web page layouts
  • Translating your designs into code
  • Working with other specialists (e.g. web developers, graphic designers) to ensure the smooth functionality of web pages
  • Staying up to date with the latest web design trends and software

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#4. Game designer / artist

Multimedia Design Jobs-Game Designer

Love playing digital games and want to make a living off creating ones that people will enjoy? Being a game designer or artist lets you do just that!

As a game designer, you will work closely with game artists and programmers to ensure your ideas for the game are executed according to your vision. Your day-to-day responsibilities would include:

  • Designing gameplay mechanics or improving existing ones
  • Creating scripts for new content
  • Developing game levels
  • Constantly communicating with your team to ensure smooth execution
  • Analysing user feedback to adjust gameplay and design

However, if you’d rather just stick to creating the realistic graphics for digital games, being a game artist will suit you better. This is where you can put your illustration skills to good use as you’ll be responsible for drawing the characters for games and producing high quality artwork based on the game designer’s guidelines.


 If you’re set on designing games for a living, choose a university that offers related subjects or even a specialisation in this field.

#5. Animator

Multimedia Design Jobs-Animator

Whether it’s stop motion, 2D animation or 3D animation, animators love 'em all.

The art calls for a high level of creativity and immense passion, as certain animations require painstaking work and years to produce. This is because animations are made of multiple images (called frames) that create an illusion of movement when sequenced together. Once the frames are combined, voilà — the movie comes to life!

Seeing as animating is hard work, you’ll need to be meticulous and organised, all while being creative. Proficiency in animation software, such as Autodesk Maya, is also expected.

As an animator, your daily tasks may include:

  • Assisting with storyboards for the initial production stage
  • Creating and animating characters, objects and backgrounds with animation software
  • Sequencing frames through the timing of movement to ensure they follow the audio and soundtrack
  • Working closely in a team to composite various animation layers

So there you have it — 5 jobs you can pursue as a multimedia design graduate. It’s certain a Degree in Multimedia Design will kickstart a vibrant and exciting career in design for you, so follow your passion and let your creative juices flow.

Have we piqued your interest about studying a Degree in Multimedia Design? Here’s everything you need to know about the course.

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