Want an Affordable Foreign Degree? Here’s Why You Should Choose the American Degree Program 4+0

Keen on getting a holistic American education on home ground? Find out why you should choose the American Degree Program 4+0 here!

Published 15 Dec 2017

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The American Degree Program (ADP) is as American as apple pie. Based on the American higher education system, this 4-year programme provides a direct entry into university after you have completed your SPM or O-Level. This means you won’t have to take a pre-university course such as A-Level, STPM or SACE International beforehand.

Most Malaysian universities that offer the ADP have a credit transfer option, where you can choose a 1+3 programme (i.e. spend 1 year in Malaysia and 3 years abroad) or a 2+2 programme (i.e. spend 2 years in Malaysia and 2 years abroad).

But did you know that there is also a 4+0 option available at a few universities? This version is even more cost-effective while retaining the “American way” of doing things.

If we’ve piqued your interest, read on as we give you the 411 on the benefits of choosing the ADP 4+0! 

#1. Get more bang for your buck

4+0 American Degree Program in Malaysia - 1 Get more bang for your buck

The ADP’s 4+0 option is more cost-efficient than pursuing a 1+3 or 2+2 option as your tuition fees are generally cheaper than if you were to go abroad.

In Malaysia, the tuition fees are approximately RM15,000 to RM20,000 a year, whereas your tuition fees in the USA may cost anything from RM57,000 to over RM150,000 a year, depending on whether you transfer to a public or private university. And that’s not including accommodation, cost of living and other miscellaneous expenses, such as flights, visas and medical insurance.

Not only that, you’ll also never have to worry about the fluctuating exchange rates, which may cut short your overseas education if you suddenly find yourself unable to withstand the expenses abroad. This makes financial sense for many since fewer Malaysian parents plan to send their children abroad for their studies, no thanks to our depreciating ringgit.

#2. Savour the American experience from the comfort of home

4+0 American Degree Program in Malaysia - 2 Savour the American experience from the comfort of home

Enrolling in an ADP 4+0 option will mean that the course is run from the familiar surroundings of home. This allows you to enjoy a wholesome American education experience that advocates interactive learning and class participation without having to navigate foreign land or sacrifice your nasi lemak and curry laksa.

Malaysian universities offering the ADP 4+0 are often in close partnership with a specific American university. This includes adopting their American partner’s curriculum, ensuring that you go through the same course content and assessment just as how you would have if you were studying overseas.

Depending on your institution, you might also get to enjoy guest lectures from your institution’s American partners!

#3. You still have the flexibility to transfer to an American university

Here’s Why You Should Choose the 4+0 American Degree Program 3 Flexibility to transfer to an American university

Although the ADP 4+0 is structured such that you can complete the entire programme in Malaysia, you still have the option of transferring to your American partner university should you choose to — often paying lower fees compared to if you were to go there directly.

Additionally, the ADP 4+0 also allows you to transfer to other American or Canadian universities outside of your partner university, subject to transfer policies and credit evaluation. This makes the ADP 4+0 a flexible programme.

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#4. Get an American certification without going abroad

4+0 American Degree Program in Malaysia - 4 Get an American certification without going abroad

As part of your ADP 4+0 programme, you will be awarded a degree certificate from the American partner institution upon successful completion of your course without stepping foot on American soil!

This does not only mean that you save thousands of ringgit on an overseas certification, but your foreign qualification may be worth some bragging rights, especially if your partner institution is well-recognised.

#5. Pursue your postgraduate studies in the USA with ease

4+0 American Degree Program in Malaysia - 5 Pursue your postgraduate studies in the USA with ease

An ADP 4+0 option can be a great idea if you’re planning to pursue your postgraduate studies abroad, especially if it’s with the same American partner institution.

Given that you have an existing affiliation with the university, it may make the application process a lot easier.

Alternatively, you may also continue your studies with a different American or Canadian institution with your ADP certification, but do your homework as entry requirements may differ between institutions!

So, which universities offer the ADP 4+0?

In Malaysia, there are only a few universities offering the ADP 4+0. They are:

SEGi University in collaboration with Troy University

  • Majors: Psychology, Business, Communication Arts

INTI International College in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

  • Majors: Psychology, Business, Communication


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And there you have it — 5 reasons to choose the ADP 4+0! While there’s no hard and fast rule over which university programme is better, it’s best to mull over your budget, grading preferences and how the course will help you achieve your goals before making your decision. So take your time and think things through instead of making a hasty decision. All the best!

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