Achieve Academic Excellence With HELP Academy's A-Level Programme

Looking for a suitable pre-university programme to kickstart your tertiary education? Why not consider HELP Academy’s A-Level programme? Find out more here.

Updated 09 Apr 2018

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If you’re looking for a recognised pre-university qualification to pursue post-SPM, why not check out HELP Academy’s Pearson Edexcel International A-Level (IAL) programme?

The course is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, enabling you to gain admission in universities abroad and a chance to explore your chosen subjects in depth.

HELP Academy (HA), which is part of the HELP Group of educational enterprises, has achieved a good track record with their IAL programme. They were even declared the “Best and Biggest Edexcel A-Levels Centre in the World” in 2011 at the World Conference Hong Kong and have won over 80 World Top Awards to date.

To boot, the Edexcel IAL is a popular choice by many thanks to its modular system, which allows students to resit specific subjects to improve the grades without repeating their entire exam.

Why should you apply for HELP’s IAL?

  • Its state-of-the-art Curies Science Labs have been acclaimed by the Edexcel A-Levels Chief Examiner from the United Kingdom to be among the best in the world
  • Students develop their leadership and organisational skills when assigned to work with experienced lecturers on award-winning science projects through its Getting The Edge (GTE) programme
  • Its A-Levels department has won the Malaysian Toray Science Foundation Award for a record-breaking 19 times
  • The programme provides opportunities for you to hone your presentation, speaking and critical thinking skills (e.g. speech, drama, writing, etc.) and multimedia skills (e.g. courses in photography, videography, etc.)
  • The students in the mathematics department receive special coaching each week to help them master special maths techniques beyond the scope of class texts and standard curricula
  • Students have gained admission to top universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London

So if you are looking for world-class pre-university education, look no further than HELP Academy’s A-Level programme to kickstart your journey to academic excellence!

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