How to Get Ready for Class in Less Than 11 Minutes

Juggling between hectic class schedules and a healthy social life, time is never enough to get enough sleep. But what if you can cut down on your prep time to give yourself a longer shut-eye?

Updated 14 Jun 2019

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Sleep is one of those godsent gifts you just can’t get enough of, especially if you’re a busy student juggling studies and a social life. Even if we don’t oversleep (which is, admit it, rare) a few extra minutes of sleep is just too precious to let go of. After all, as students, resting times are indeed vital.

That said, feel free to bask in those glorious bonus minutes with the aid of our cool tips on how you can get ready for class in under 11 minutes.

#1. Prepare your essentials

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Gather everything you need for class the night before. Pack your bags and make sure you remember all necessary books or notes, as well as other essentials you may need.

Have your assignments ready and printed, or your laptops charged if you’re going to use it in class. This way, even if you are running behind schedule in the morning, at least you won’t be scrambling around to find stuff at the last minute.

#2. Wardrobe wizardry

How to Get Ready for Class in Less Than 11 Minutes - 2 - Wardrobe wizardry

Pick out exactly what you are going to wear the night prior. Let’s face it, we spend way too much time deciding on what to wear. So it helps when you’ve moved up the decision-making process to the night before, leaving more time in the morning for other things (read: sleep). Here are some tips for choosing outfits quickly:

  • Choose neutral pieces. The last thing you want to do is wear neon or clashing colours. Avoid this fashion faux pas by sticking to earth tones pieces.
  • Stick to what you already know will work. These may include your favourite t-shirts or blouses with jeans. Jeans work with almost any top, so it’ll be good to have a few at hand.
  • Have some basic pieces. Set aside maybe 6 to 8 simple pieces that do not need ironing. Hang them somewhere easily accessible. For those late mornings, you can just pick any combination from these and be ready in no time.

#3. Routine hair-dos

How to Get Ready for Class in Less Than 11 Minutes - 3 - Routine hair-dos_3

Have one or two simple hairdos that look good. And for girls, you have no time for curling irons, straighteners and hairdryers.

So opt for minimal and simple styles. Go with a cute ponytail or use some mousse to tame those unruly bed hair. If you really want to save time, a beanie or hat would come in handy as well. Just put them on and you’re ready to go.

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#4. Minimal makeup

How to Get Ready for Class in Less Than 11 Minutes - 4 - Minimal makeup

Choose 3-4 must-haves or staples that are easy to apply and can conceal those dark circles (the eternal curse of students). Moisturisers with SPF are a good choice to hydrate your skin, which is crucial. Mascara and concealer can really help brighten and freshen up your face, thus hiding any evidence of sleep deprivation. Add on some blusher, lip balm or tint and you’re transformed for the day.

Experiment with what you like best. You can always swap for a new set of staples from time to time if you get bored.

#5. Breakfast on the go

How to Get Ready for Class in Less Than 11 Minutes - 5 - Breakfast on the go

You’ve heard this a million times, yet it may have been either ignored or forgotten.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So even if you’re running short on time, never cross this off of your morning to-do list. Keep a few breakfast bars or fresh fruits like bananas or apples in your room to grab before you start your day.

Also, always have at least a glass of water before you go. Don’t depend on coffee to be alert and keep you awake. Staying hydrated is more important than injecting caffeine into your system on an empty stomach.

With these 5 tips, you will be able to save plenty of time getting ready in the morning. Say goodbye to your worries on being tardy and have fun trying these tips out! Do let us know in the comment section below of any other tricks you may employ to save time in the mornings.

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