Degree Courses for People Who Hate Writing Essays

Don’t like writing assessments? Check out these university programmes.

Published 28 Sep 2021

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Do you hate writing assignments? While it is a skill you can learn and improve on, writing is still a hard thing for many people. And it doesn’t help that a lot of university courses require that you submit essays as part of your coursework.

If you’re not a fan of writing assessments, here are some programmes that can help you avoid it.

Note: You cannot avoid writing assignments completely, even with these programmes. However, these programmes do typically feature less writing assessments compared to other programmes.

#1. Architecture


A marriage of design, math and science, architecture is all about the design of buildings and physical structures. As an architecture student, you are expected to know how to create structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As such, the curriculum will mostly focus on practical design activities, drawing classes and mathematics modules. Common coursework involves architectural and design drawing, calculus, and physics. It’s a primarily hands-on programme so you won’t have to worry about being stuck with essay assignments.

There’s still the occasional lab report and such but then again, it’s almost impossible to avoid writing completely. Architecture, with its heavy emphasis on math and science, is a good alternative if you want to avoid being drowned in essay assignments.

#2. Computer science


A subset of the computing field, computer science is focused on the design of computer programmes, solving computing issues and developing new ways to use computing technology.

As made apparent in its name, it’s a computing-focused field. This means that the general curriculum would mostly involve programming and computer languages and learning how to utilise it to create new programs and develop software. In short, there won’t be that many essays.

Some would argue that coding is writing. But that is vastly different from essay writing. If you’re interested in codes and would much prefer to avoid churning a ten-page paper, computer science is a good programme for you.

#3. Engineering


Engineering is the study of maths and science and how you can use it to create safe and practical design. It’s a popular STEM programme and is a great choice for those not interested in writing long essays.

Similar to architecture, engineering is very much concerned with the practical aspect of design. As an engineering student, you’ll find yourself in labs and learning technical subjects. Depending on which engineering field you study, you’ll encounter subjects related to math, physics and programming.

Again, there may be the occasional report assignment. But at its core, the programme is more focused on learning how to apply mathematical, scientific and engineering concepts.

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#4. Mathematics


Mathematics is the study of numbers. A great programme for those who like to play around with calculations, mathematics also poses very few, if any, essay assignments.

As a mathematics student, you’ll spend your study years learning subjects such as advanced algebra, calculus, and number theory. Assignments usually come in the form of solving problem sets and challenging equations.

It’s a hard programme but if you’re interested in calculations, mathematics is the way to go.

#5. Graphic design


Do you prefer something more creative? Graphic design, a field focused on communicating through the use of visuals, is another great programme that features very little writing.

Graphic design will have you studying subjects like photography, 2D and 3D designs and colour theory. There may still be a couple of writing assignments but typically, you will be expected to produce design ideas and visuals for your assessment.

#6. Multimedia design


Multimedia design is about the use of different multimedia platforms to create engaging content.

It places heavy emphasis on content creation, which means students will spend a lot of their time learning design theories and putting it to use by creating multimedia work for their assignments.

There’s still some writing here and there but not as much as design work. So if you’re looking for something creative that doesn’t require you to constantly churn out essays, multimedia design could be the programme for you.

Of course, we’re not saying you can avoid writing completely. After all, it is part and parcel of a university curriculum. Having said that, some degree courses are more forgiving than others when it comes to writing, and these are some of those programmes.

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