5 College Habits to Break Before Entering the Working World

Are you prepared to work in the real world? Get rid of these five bad habits before you enter the workplace.

Updated 24 Sep 2019

5 College Habits to Break Before Entering the Working World - Feature-Image

The Real World is coming. Those defences you’ve built in college to hide behind for safety? They won’t work anymore once the Real World approaches. Things will get challenging, not to mention bloody, which is why you’ll need an upgrade. Fast.

Wondering what enhancements you’ll need for the working world? This article is for you. Relinquish your old ways and (t)rusted armour and let’s get started with training!

#1. Procrastinating like a pro

College Habits to Drop-Procrastinating like a pro

“I’ll just work on it later.”

“Let’s have a coffee break and get back to it shortly.”

“There a sale on Shopee! Let’s check out if there are any good bargains.”

Any of these ring a bell? If so, you’re probably a serial procrastinator.

For many, procrastination carries a negative connotation. And you certainly won’t want to be known for that among your future colleagues or boss.

Moreover, when you procrastinate, you’re actually making yourself work harder in the end. This is because you will require more time to get something done, which will further put you behind the next task on your to-do list.

#2. Ignoring your résumé/CV

College Habits to Drop-Ignoring CV or Resume

First, make sure you know the difference between a CV and a résumé. Next, polish your CV like you mean it. What’s the use of weapons and armour if you don’t train yourself to master them — or at least, take them out and polish them up every once in a while? Update your CV and keep your job search logins active, preferably at least once every 3 – 6 months.

Bear in mind, these tools are there to help you get a job and earn money, so utilise them well. What’s important is for your potential employers to notice you and what you can contribute to their company.

#3. Partying all night long

College Habits to Drop-Partying all night long

It’s alright to have a little fun every now and then. But it’s definitely not okay when you constantly stay up partying all night long.

We hate to sound like your nagging parents, really — but it’s time to grow up and start acting like an adult. Don’t get us wrong, you’re allowed to have fun. However, if you know you’ve got an important “battle” the next day such as an important client meeting, make sure to set your priorities right.

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#4. Brushing aside the importance of soft skills

College Habits to Drop-Brushing aside important soft skills

Securing a degree certainly improves your job prospects but it is equally vital to equip yourself with the necessary soft skills to thrive in the workplace.

Communication skills, time management, ability to work in a team environment, leadership skills — these are just some of the few examples of soft skills that will come in handy when you enter the working world. With an unemployment rate of 20% for fresh graduates, it’s more important than ever to gain a competitive edge over your peers.

Start by taking an active role in extracurricular activities and starting small conversations with friends and acquaintances. Small talk is not necessarily a bad thing; it can help you build tolerance, empathy, social conduct and teach you to manage yourself with people in the future!

#5. Being hooked on social media

College Habits to Drop-Being hooked on social media

There are many positive things about social media — it allows for faster communication, enables connections all around the world and makes it easy to forge friendships.

However, research has found that excessive use of social media can increase stress levels, disrupt sleep patterns and even degrade relationships. This will definitely not bode well with your future employers, especially if you come to work looking like a zombie or spend your entire lunchtime scrolling through Instagram.

Take control by setting strict boundaries and limiting the hours you spend on social media. If you find yourself itching to check Instagram because you’re bored or stressed, try replacing with something productive instead, such as taking a walk or doing breathing exercises.

More than just upgrading our “weapons” and skills, we need to sharpen our minds and ditch bad habits to prepare for the challenging world out there. All the best!

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