Need a Break? Play These 6 Awesome Games Related to Your Degree

Want to have a break from studying without feeling too guilty? Whip out your phone and download these games related to your degree! You’ll definitely see your books in a different light.

Updated 21 May 2019

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There’s only so much you can glean from your never-ending scrolling through Instagram and Facebook during your free time, so why not get entertained and educated with these games related to the degree you’re studying?

These games may not contain the most technical of information (we doubt running a virtual hospital or baking a digital pizza will be exactly how it is in real life), but it is a fun way to destress while enhancing your multitasking and problem-solving skills.

So go ahead, download these games on your phone or tablet and happy playing!

#1. Degree in Law: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Games That Related To Your Degree-Ace Attorney

While you're studying to become a future lawyer, playing Ace Attorney is a great way to release exam stress. In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, you take on the character of Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers and are tasked with the mission to solve mysterious cases to save your clients.

Explore 3D crime scenes to sniff out evidence, speak to witnesses to collect information you can use in court and engage in fast-paced and entertaining trials as you pinpoint the lies and contradictions when a witness’ statement doesn’t match the evidence.

Gameplay is a simple point-and-click, so you just need to tap through the interface to read story dialogues whenever necessary. The game’s sharp dialogue will keep you guessing and scheming, so don't be surprised if you stay up all night cross-examining its colourful cast of characters.

Purchase: App Store, Play Store.

#2. Degree in Culinary Arts: Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Games That Related To Your Degree-Good Pizza Great Pizza

After creating masterpieces in the kitchen during the day as a culinary student, you would probably be exhausted from toiling in front of boilers, stir-frying ingredients and baking delicate pastries. The last thing you would want to do after class is to cook, but how about wearing a digital apron instead?

Flip and top dozens of pizzas in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, an addictive game where you're the owner of a new pizza shop who is racing to beat your pizza rival, Alicante. The aim of the game — fulfil as many pizza orders as speedily and accurately as you can, making sure you take note of your customers' extraordinary requests (anchovies and pineapple, anyone?).

This simple, fun and challenging game will have you sprinkling cheese, tomato sauce and pizza toppings like a pro in no time — all without getting your hands floury.

Free: App Store, Play Store.

#3. Degree in Business: AdVenture Capitalist

Games That Related To Your Degree-AdVenture Capitalist

If you’re an entrepreneurial business student, then you’ll probably enjoy the thrill of seeing numbers increase threefold (and more!) in your fictional multinational conglomerate.

In AdVenture Capitalist, you can kickstart your dominance on the world's finances by simply tapping as fast as you can on the Lemonade Stand progress bar. The more you click, the more squeezers you can buy, which translates to more and more money! We weren't kidding about the money-induced adrenaline rush.

This strangely addictive game offers 3 planets to conquer, a handful of managers to hire to keep your planets' finances running and bonus random sessions where you can boost your earnings in a jiffy. So go on, monopolise the universe and make a quadrillion dollars!

Free: App Store, Play Store.

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#4. Degree in Architecture: Minecraft

Games That Related To Your Degree-Minecraft

As an architecture student, imagination and creativity fuel you — so apply those skills as you build colourful cube-filled worlds populated from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles in Minecraft.

The game's creative mode allows you to idly use unlimited resources such as unique maps, skins and texture packs to build out-of-the-box ideas like mushroom tree houses, islands of chickens, underwater minecarts and anything else you can think of. Meanwhile, on survival mode, you'll be crafting weapons and armour to defend yourself from dangerous mobs.

More of a social creature? Join free massive multiplayer servers and check out thousands of other user's imaginative worlds!

Purchase: App Store, Play Store.

#5.Degree in Psychology: Life is Strange

Games That Related To Your Degree-Life Is Strange

Life can be strange, but it gets stranger in Life is Strange, a five-part episodic game where the rules of time are rewound to affect the past, present and future.

As a psychology student who is learning what influences human behaviour, this game may intrigue you as each decision you make will affect the ending of the game and how other characters interact with you.

This story-based choice and consequence game sees photography senior Max Caulfield use her newly-discovered power to rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. An investigation ensues as they pry deeper into the mysterious disappearance of a fellow student and realise that their hometown contains dark secrets. However, Max's decision to change certain facets of the past leads to devastating changes in the future.

Free: App Store, Play Store.

#6. Medical Degree: My Hospital: Doctor Game

Games That Related To Your Degree-My Hospital-Doctor Game

While you obviously need to become a walking encyclopedia of medical information as a doctor or nurse in the making, do you have what it takes to succeed in the role while running your own hospital?

Find out when you play My Hospital: Doctor Game, where paying attention to different patients while managing your hospital at the same time is crucial.

There’s no doubt that this time management game will enhance your multitasking skills as you’re required to assign patients and treat them as fast as you can — dress a bandage, get rid of earwax, measure blood pressure and pulse, and the list goes on. Quick decision-making skills are needed too as you'll have to choose which patient deserves your immediate attention while managing your team to make sure your hospital runs smoothly.

Free: Play Store.

And there you have it, 6 games related to your degree that will keep you alert and entertained at the same time — as long as you don’t play them the whole day. So get downloading and have fun!

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