APU Students Join Hands to Create a Mural for the FurryKids Safehaven

APU societal contribution for the community continues! Learn more about APU students' effort with FurryKids Safehaven here.

Updated 03 Mar 2022

APU Students Join Hands to Create a Mural for the FurryKids Safehaven - Feature-Image

With the recent MoU signed with FurryKids Safehaven in October 2021, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has been initiating a monthly CSR programme within its community to provide a safer environment for stray and abandoned animals.


Following earlier efforts in launching a fundraising campaign to reconstruct the animal shelter destroyed by flash foods together with a series of voluntary works such as bathing and vaccinating puppies for adoption drive, APU students and lecturers have joined hands this time to paint a mural for the centre.

Supported by the School of Media, Arts and Design (SoMAD), the 2-day activity saw members of APU’s Student Affairs Department, lecturers and students working hand-in-hand to create a mural of cartoon-like animals on a large 2x8 metres wall. Prior to that, members of the Student Affairs raised RM1,350 to purchase paints and tools needed for the mural as well as food for the animals.


The Associate Head of School of Media, Art & Design, Ms Debbie Liew chimed that this contribution builds the spirit of togetherness through a shared passion for art. On the other hand, Chief Operating Officer of APY Mr Gurpardeep Singh expressed his congratulations to APU students for putting together a fundraiser and an impactful mural through creativity and inventiveness.

Academicians who were involved in this good work included Ms Abbhirami Sivarajan, a lecturer from the School of Business; and lecturers from SoMAD which included Mr Wong Chee Meng, Mr Fitri Anas Muhiddin, Mr Jack Lai Yong Geat, Mr Ooi Aik Khong, Mr Saifullizan Abdul Wahab, Mr Shazwan Halamy, Mr Teay Siew Yen and Ms Christine Lim Pei Shin.

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