8 Beneficial Clubs and Societies To Check Out in College

Overwhelmed by the choices you have in front of you? Here are some of the best clubs and societies to join in university.

Published 15 Apr 2021

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Joining clubs and societies in college can bring you many benefits — but how do you even begin to reap all that if you don’t know which one to join?

While we believe that all clubs and societies are worth looking into, here are some that aren’t just popular in most colleges but are also highly beneficial to self-discovery, building confidence and boosting your resume.

#1. Student Council / Student Society


The Student Council is arguably one of the most important societies in a university as it is in charge of promoting the welfare and quality of campus life for students. A bustling organisation that consists of elected student representatives from various faculties, the Student Council is where you can take charge and create a better university experience for everyone.

As part of its responsibilities, the Student Council acts as a link between students and the university’s management, ensuring feedback and issues are heard. The Student Council also organises a myriad of events and activities to promote student integration such as orientation or freshers events, annual dinners, charity bazaars and sports carnivals.

Why join the Student Council? 

Pick up a myriad of highly sought-after skills such as leadership, communication and organisation. Since you will often need to get elected to be part of the Student Council, it signifies to future employers that you’re a competent and responsible individual capable of staying on top of it all while balancing numerous tasks.

#2. Model United Nations


The Model United Nations is another popular academic club that provides a chance for students to partake in simulations of the United Nations (UN) conference.

In Model United Nations, you’ll get to roleplay as delegates to the United Nations. You will learn to debate and discuss real world issues and public policies from the perspective of your assigned country. Members of the club will also get to join workshops and other activities hosted by the UN where they can learn more about the UN policy-making process.

Why join the Model United Nations?

As a member of the Model United Nations, you’ll need to be well-informed about current issues and public policies which will hone your research and critical thinking skills. You’ll also get a chance to work on your oratory skills as you’ll likely be participating in many conferences. In addition, joining Model United Nations will also expand your network as you’ll get a chance to meet with other participants from all over the world.

#3. Entrepreneurship Club


The main purpose of the Entrepreneurship Club is to train, develop and support future entrepreneurs. Regardless of whether or not you are planning to start your own business, joining the Entrepreneurship Club can help you develop an innovative mindset.

The Entrepreneurship Club often hosts a variety of engaging activities, such as bootcamps, pitching sessions and business challenges to generate ideas and bring them from concept to reality. Workshops and talks from established entrepreneurs and industry visits to startups and tech giants are also common.

Why join the Entrepreneurship Club? 

The answer is simple. If you’re looking to build an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset as well as a solid network, there’s no better place to turn to. The Entrepreneurial Club is often full of passionate people who will challenge you to come up with creative yet practical ideas. Moreover, you’ll also be exposed to people in the industry such as established entrepreneurs, startup founders and venture capitalists.

#4. Toastmasters Club


The Toastmasters Club, part of the Toastmasters International network, is a club that teaches students public speaking, presentation and leadership skills. The club’s primary purpose is to create competent public speakers and future leaders.

As part of its activities, the Toastmasters Club holds frequent meetings where members can converse and make public speeches. The club also organises workshops and competitions focusing on public speaking and presentation skills.

Why join the Toastmasters Club?

This is where you truly develop your communication skills. By joining the club, you can improve your public speaking , speechwriting, leadership and presentation skills. Forcing yourself to work on your ability to speak in front of a crowd can also help boost your confidence level.

The club is also a great way to meet people who share your aspirations. As the club’s purpose is to create future leaders, joining it will give you a chance to form meaningful connections and network with future leaders.

#5. AIESEC Club


Another great organisation to join is the AIESEC Club. Essentially, the club provides you with the opportunity to partake in practical experiences such as internships and volunteerism.

Part of the global AIESEC organisation, a not-for-profit youth-run organisation, members of the AIESEC Club participate in a variety of hands-on experiences. Whether it’s joining a volunteer project (Global Volunteer), interning at renowned companies (Global Talent) or putting your skills to good use by teaching abroad (Global Teacher), the AIESEC Club will drive you to make an impact not just in your community but also around the world.

Why join the AIESEC Club?

A key feature of the AIESEC Club is allowing you to meet people from all over the world, whether it’s through conferences, exchange programmes or going abroad for an internship or volunteer programme. Not only will you gain practical and professional growth but you’ll also be honing your skills to be a leader. AIESECers are also often an energetic and passionate bunch, so you can be sure you’ll have lots of fun while working to make an impact in causes you believe in.

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#6. Campus Radio / Newspaper


This exists under different names but it’s generally a club where students can participate in the media production process. Depending on the university, you could be looking at joining the campus radio, the campus newspaper (which can be physical or online) or both.

The Campus Radio / Newspaper Club is largely responsible for reporting and covering topics related to the student body. Student reporters write about news and events happening around campus while the radio DJ hosts weekly sessions covering a variety of college-related topics. Occasionally, these clubs also hold field trips to media companies to give students a chance to learn more about how the media industry works.

Why join the Campus Radio / Newspaper?

More than just honing your writing and communication skills, you’ll also find yourself developing your creativity as you brainstorm news angles and topics to keep readers / listeners engaged. Additionally, with a set publishing deadline each week, you’ll also learn how to effectively manage your time as you balance between extracurricular activities and academics.

#7. Theatre Club


The Theatre Club is not just for aspiring actors. Typically in charge of organising student-led theatre productions, the club is a safe space for students to explore their creativity while learning event management skills.

Members of the club often work together to plan a live performance. However, don’t be fooled thinking it’s only about the creative aspect (coming up with a script, finding actors, planning practice sessions). There’s also the management and operational side where members will need to look for sponsors, book venues, advertise the event and ensure everything runs smoothly during the event.

Why join the Theatre Club?

You can learn a lot about event management and teamwork from the Theatre Club. As you plan out your theatre performance, you will need to organise training sessions, secure sponsors, find the appropriate venue and so much more. At the same time, you will also gain a strong sense of camaraderie as theatre is a highly collaborative effort.

The Theatre Club is also a great creative outlet. Student life can be stressful so being able to just let loose and immerse yourself in a creative performance can feel liberating.

#8. Debate Club


The Debate Club is a place where like-minded peers can congregate to exchange ideas on critical issues and hone their oral skills. Considered an academic organisation, the club is a popular choice among students seeking to improve themselves and boost their resume.

Aside from spending time training and working on your debating skills, members of the Debate Club often get involved in local and international debate tournaments. The club is also sometimes in charge of hosting tournaments and judging debate rounds.

Why join the Debate Club? 

Joining the Debate Club will give you the opportunity to work on your research, oratory and critical thinking skills. Your participation can boost your resume as critical thinkers are highly sought after in the job market. On top of that, if you’re active in local and international tournaments, you’ll also get the chance to travel on a budget. How neat is that?

Thinking of forming your own club? No idea is too crazy.

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